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Should you put an airstone in a saltwater aquarium?

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This is a debated topic. There are both pros and cons. Though oxygen is very important, too much can be deadly for a fish. The finer the bubbles the more likely your fish may get air bloat. Also adding an air stone increases the CO2 gas exchange process increasing the pH in the water. Marine fish like basic water. Also in a reef tank too much oxygen can kill coral. Normally filter systems creates enough oxygenation for a tank to where an air stone is not needed. If you want air bubble for a decorative effect try to get something tha doesn't create a fine bubbles.

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Can you put freshwater snails in a aquarium?

if the aquarium is freshwater then ya. if its a saltwater aquarium then get saltwater snails

What types of rock can be put in a saltwater aquarium?

Any thing can be put into a saltwater aquarium if it is for decorative or structural purposes only. If you are referring to live rock for biological filtration then you are wanting to look for rock that is very porous and has been in a running saltwater system for at least six weeks. I have everything from premium Fiji live rock to a glass bottle in my aquarium.

Can you put freshwater fish in a salt aquarium?

No!!! Freshwater fish and Salt water fish are totally different!!! You can't put a saltwater fish in a freshwater fish aquarium and you can't put a freshwater fish in a saltwater fish aquarium. They won't live very long!!! They need different water and a different water temperature.

Can you put fish and sea turtles together in aquarium tank?

yes, but just saltwater fish. If you put a sea turtle in freshwater, it will die. If you put freshwater fish into saltwater they will die.

Can you put a baby sea turtle in a saltwater aquarium?

yes as long as its 10 gallons

What would happen to a saltwater fish and its cells if you put it into a freshwater aquarium?

it will suffer and die

How do you take care of minnows in an aquarium?

Buy like a 10 gal. tank, buy an airstone, or sponge filter, sand, food, and obviously the minnows. get the tank, put the sand in, and set up the filter or airstone. Put the minnows in the tank, and feed them. depending on what kind they are, they might get big. For a while, they might just eat bread, or goldfish flakes.

Is salt in your aquarium better for your fish?

depends on the FISH. if they saltwater fish, then you put salt water in the aquarium, same thing for the freshwater fish. if you dont know what kind of fish it is, look it up.

Is it safe to add live salt water sand to a establish salt water aquarium?

Well, there are 2 types of fish, saltwater fish, and freshwater fish. Only put in saltwater if you own a saltwater fish. Note: Saltwater fish could live safely in freshwater, but freshwater fish will suffocate in saltwater.

How many pH drops do you put in your saltwater aquarium?

I would not advise messing with the pH in a salt water (marine) aquarium. If you follow the directions on the particular testing kit that you have you should be OK but messing around with pH is a very dangerous thing to do and may quickly and easily result in dead fish.

What would happen to a saltwater fish and its cells if you put it into a fresh water aquarium?

They wouldn't live very long because of their need to have salt in their bodies.

What is the difference besides a saltwater aquarium and a fresh water aquarium?

The difference is the salt concentration in the water. Fresh water aquariums mimic the environment of lakes, ponds, or rivers. However, salt water aquariums have water that is salty like oceans. Fish are either freshwater or saltwater. Do not put them in the wrong water, or they will die.

Why you should not put an aquarium under the sun?

An aquarium should not be put under the sun because the water is more likely to evaporate or heat up slighty, which is not good for any fish inside.

Where to place an aquarium in house?

you should put the aquarium in the kitchen because every moring you won't forget to feed the fish.

Can you put sand dollars in aquarium?

Yes ofcourse you can have them in your saltwater aquarium. You have to provide some space in your tank with good sand and feeding sand dollars is easy, for they mostly eat suspended organic matters and other fish wastes.

How do you find how much water conditioner to put into a 10l Aquarium if I have to put in 5ml into a 38l aquarium?

You can safely put 2ml into the 10l aquarium

Can you put a lizard in an old aquarium?

The choice is up to you. If you set up the aquarium as a vivarium for lizards why should it not be used to keep a lizard in.

What would happen if you put a saltwater egg in fresh water?

Saltwater eggs are given the name for a reason. They will live only in saltwater and will die right after you put them in fresh water.

How do you get reef aquarium into the aquarium section of YouTube?

There is no "aquarium" tag on YouTube. Only "Pets & Animals." You just put "#aquarium" in the description and "aquarium" in the tags section of your video.

Can you boil the water for aquarium?

No, because if you boil a water and put it in the aquarium the tendency is the aquarium will crack.;) SO EASY!

What should you put in a aquarium with a baby crayfish?

another crayfish so when they grow up they can..... you know.... "stuff"

What saltwater fish can you put in a freshwater tank?

None, they need saltwater in order to survive.

Can you put aquarium in southwest?


What is a good plant to put in an aquarium?


What plants are not safe to put in a bowl with a betta fish?

Any plant that is not aquarium safe should not be placed with a betta

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