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If you have more than one person who can verify your work ethics, moral character and capabilities, it will certainly help your cause. But don't attach more than 3 or 4.

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Q: Should you put more than one reference on a resume?
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What is the difference between a chronological resume and skill resume?

list more than needed

Why should you put a picture on a resume?

You should not put a picture on your resume. At least in the US, this is not the custom as the employee should be selected for an interview based solely on their resume content (experience, etc.) rather than a person's appearance.

What percent of sugar should you have in your diet?

It depends on the reference, but usually no more than 55% of your diet should come from carbohydrates.

What is the ideal length of a resume?

As per professional standards resume should not be more than 2-3 pages in length, as the lengthy resumes bores the recruiter and chances to get short-listed for interview will shrink.

What if you dont have a professional reference for a resume?

You should list personal references of credible people, other than family members, i.e. your church pastor, if you've held any baby-sitting type jobs, you could list them as a reference, a school or college teacher/professor than can speak positively about your character.

What part of a business letter is this the meeting should take no more than two hours?

That part is the reference letter.

What is the size of font for resume?

12 is ideal. Should no be smaller than 11 nor larger than 14

What resume title can we use as title of the resume other than resume and curriculum vitae?

It is not required to have a title for a resume. Simply putting your name, address, contact info at the top and titling each section is more than sufficient. A title for the document adds nothing additional that the prospective needs to know about you.

Is your resume too short?

You must first understand what is a resume. A resume is a document which is prepared for you to market yourself for employment by sharing your skiils and expertice. A resume is a concise 1 page document which consist of 6 segments. If your resume is more than 1 page than it is a CV! The 6 segments that you need to have in your resume is as follows; 1. Career Objective 2. Education 3. Experience 4. Special Skills 5. References 6. Availability All you need to do is focus on the 6 segments above and provide the relevant and necessary information. If you follow the format there is no way for your resume to be too short. If you want to share more than you need to do a CV instead of a resume.

How long should you wait before making a follow-up call after mailing a resume and cover letter to a potential employer?

About a week, no more than two.

How long should resume be?

There is no hard limit. Most resumes should be no more than 2 pages long. Advanced professionals usually have 3 page resumes or longer. The limiting factor is what the intended recipient wants to see. Your resume should include everything the reader wants to see and nothing else. It is also beneficial to make your resume a searchable PDF as many employers use software to scan for keywords in resumes.

How is the format of an e-resume different from the traditional?

There are three types of resumes in this respect: the paper resume, the web or e- resume, and the scannable resume. The only real difference between a traditional resume and a purely web-based resume is that you are limited more to the content of your resume rather than its design or appearance. Many online job/career sites (,, etc) will display your resume to employers who are searching online. A web resume often will not display symbols, fonts, or intricate layouts, though, so you have to simplify. Be aware though, all employers will want a paper copy of your resume when they interview you, so you will need both versions. The third type of resume is the scannable resume, which has to be in plain text. This resume is meant to be scanned into a database and then searched by keywords. These resumes often include a "Keywords" section that allows for the most matches with what the employer is looking for. The thing to remember is that you should always tailor your resume to your employer's needs. Usually, they will specify. Otherwise, have several versions ready... it takes very little time, and you will appear more professional. i believe that an e-resume is different from the traditional because you are limited more to the content of your resume rather than its design or appereance. A e-resume is one that is scanned electronically while a traditional resume is one the is not scanned elctronically.

How many jobs should you list on your resume?

As many as you want! But make sure that the jobs you list are relevant in some way or another... And Don't forget to keep your resume under 2 pages.. any more than 2 and the person reading it will not bother!!

Should the word resume be capitalized?

If it is the first word in the sentence then it should be capitalized or if it is in a title but other than that it is always lower case.

A personal statement is different from a resume in that it?

will include more than just a list of employment dates.

Which of these statements is not a true targeted resume?

The job objective lists more than one job.

What size should resume page borders be?

3/4 or 1 pt. Better less than too much :) Remember that the boarder is not what recruiter is looking for but the body of your resume.

What is letter and a resume?

Cover letter is a document that accompanies your resume and tells about your personal interests in working for specific company. It underlines your matching skills and experience, and is usually more personal than a resume. Resume is a document that describes your professional skills, education and employment history in details.

What circumstances would a telephone reference check provide more information than a written reference check?


How do you make a working student resume?

If you are a student, then there are basic tips you should know while writing your resume: 1.Your resume should be not more than 2pages. 2.You should not use flowery language or variety of different fonts in resume.Keep it simple. 3.Highlight your key skills and achievements. 4.Don't make spelling or grammatical errors in resume. 5.Use a professional e-mail address. 6.Do not include unnecessary personal details. 7.Use functional resume format. 8.Provide a cover letter while applying. Refer the link below to see for sample student resumes.

Which polyhedrons have more faces than vertices?

check a reference book

What is the best reason for having more than one version of your resume?

Creating different versions of your resume allows you to match, as closely as possible, your experiences with the qualifications individual employers are seeking.

If you are applying to a job but have limited experience what kind of resume should you use?

Those with limited job experience can use a functional resume, which focuses on what you know and have accomplished rather than positions held.

Should you staple your resume and cover letter together?

The resume tips page linked to the right says, "Don't staple your resume (if more than one page) or staple your cover letter to the resume."AnswerNEVER STAPLE UNLESS SPECIFICALLY ASKED TO DO SO! The reason you should never staple your resume is that is not professional. Multiple papers get stapled by teachers so kiddies don't loose em'. Plus, it's hard to forward copies to any other people in the hiring process if you have to separate the pages to copy them- which most do by pulling them apart, thus ripping your resume, and causing a jam with the top loading document feeder on most copy machines.

What are the benifits of being bilingual?

That you are able to more than 1 language and its a good thing to have on a job or collage resume.