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Q: Should you remove the male parakeet out of the cage with egg and the female parakeet?
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Should a male parakeet cage mate be male or female?


Why does your parakeet quarel with another male parakeet?

Well if there is another female in the cage then they are obviously going quarel over the lady.

Can you have female parakeet with a male parakeet in the same cage together?

Well, this is possible, if you want to have baby parakeets. If you do, keep thing in the same cage and install a nesting box. If you do not want to have babies, I sugest geeting a cage for each keet.

Can you put a male and female parakeet in the same cage?

I just purchased a female Parakeet and a week later purchased a Male. Currently they are both in differetnt cages but I would like to know if I can put them together ?

Why does your female parakeet sits on the bottom of the cage?

She's probably about to lay an egg, or is attempting to nest.

Does a parakeet need to live in a parakeet cage?

more info: i was given 2 zebra finches in a cage. i traded the finches for a parakeet, keeping the cage. the petstore told me that parakeets need cages with horizontal bars, so they can climb easier; the cage i have has vertical bars. i've noticed my keet does slide down the wires. ... should i get a different cage? thanks

Should father parakeet be taken out of cage?

No! He helps his mate to feed her and the chicks and help raise them. He should definetly not be removed from the cage.

Is it normal for the male to mate with the female gerbil when she is having her pups?

Once the gerbil is pregnant, the male should be put into another cage, away from the female. In fact the female's cage should be in a quiet, isolated place. Then, she is more likely to feed and care for the pups. So, remove the male from the cage ASAP.

Can you keep a cockatiel in a parakeet cage?

Parakeet cages are generally very small, so I wouldn't recommend it. A rule of thumb is that a bird must have a large enough cage to be able to fully spread his wings, and it must be deep enough so that the bird's tail isn't damaged. Unless the parakeet cage in question is fairly large, then it should be fine. Also remember that the smaller of a cage you buy for your cockatiel, the more out-of-cage time you should provide him.

What do you do if your parakeet laid two eggs on bottom of cage?

It your parakeet lays two eggs on the botton of the cage, you might as well just leave them alone. By know you should have a nest in the cage. it is a big box in the cage with a whole in it. we got one a couple days ago cause my bird laid 4 eggs!!!! i know it is crazy. Well, good luck with your parakeet!!! Essa

Can you put a male scarlet chested parakeet and a female eastern rosella in the same cage and will they breed?

maybe not . . .I think

Can a parakeet and a budgie be in the same cage?

yes. They can mine were in the same cage. Parakeet is basically the word budgie.

Can a male cocktail mate with a female parakeet?

i got a parakeet just 1.but next 2 the cage i have a par of cocktail parakeet had 2eggs in the the cage this am thinken maybe the boy cocktail had sex with it throw the gate it sounds funny but i swair this is lie can somebody anser this 4 me whats good....

What do you do if your cockatiel is mating?

If you have another bird in the cage, whether male or female, you should remove the other from the cage permanently, unless you are breeding them. In which case you would removed any other males from the cage.

I have a dog and am looking to get a parakeet will this bother my dog?

OK if u buy a parakeet nothing will happen.

Should you clean the parakeet cage when there is an egg present?

no. it is just like touching an egg

Should you put a sheet over a parakeet's cage at night?

Yes some say it will quiet the bird.

Can you put two male parakeets in the same cage with a female?

You can't put two males in with a female or else they will fight for the female parakeet and one of the male parakeets can die because they will fight

Is there any way you can put a parakeet with your 5 yr old female lovebird?

Yes, we had 2 lovebirds and a parakeet which were all in the same cage. They were all female and one of the lovebirds was the mediator between the other 2. The mediator lovebird passed away and the parakeet and other lovebird get along perfectly.

What should you do if your male mouse is trying to kill your female mice?

It's quite obvious, remove the male from the cage/enclosure...

Why would a parakeet kill another parakeet in the same cage if its only those two parakeets and they are the different gender?

If it is a Female killing a male She might be pregnant, mine is pregnant and she fights him somrtimes too but not anymore. If a female killing female, females don't get along and it could of got to the point of death. A male killing a male is prepostperous most guide books say get a male and a male or a female and a female that way so the parakeet won't be lonley

Can you have an English and American parakeet in the same cage?

YES, but only after the American parakeet beats the English parakeet in a revolution.

Female cockatiel who doesnt have a mate but she laid a egg today how can take it out of the cage and away from her with out her being upset?

remove her from the cage then remove egg

Can you have a rare parakeet and a budgie in the same cage?

A budgie and a parakeet are the same thing.

Can you keep an Alexander parakeet in the same cage as a budgerigar?

No you can't the Alexander parakeet.