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I think it is a judgment call. I would not replace it until it leaks. On the other hand, it will probably fail during the swimming season. Consult your swimming pool profesional for a second and perhaps more reliable opinion.

2007-03-28 06:00:31
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How many years should an inground pool liner last?

The reality is that the average inground pool liner will last 8-12 years.

How do you clean the walls of an inground cement pool that have become chalky?

A light acid wash should remove the chalk.

How thick should the bottom and walls be when making a concrete inground pool?

the concrete should be 6" according to this site

How much should the plumbing cost for a new inground pool?

Last one I installed was in excess of $750,000 with the filtration system

Whats the best way to fix a small crack on pool steps on an inground pool that it should stay sealed?


When should you replace a digital thermometer?

You should replace a digital thermometer when it becomes inaccurate. You should also replace it when it is damaged or cracked.

How much should a 16X32 inground pool should cost?

ive seen free pools given away by owners and ive seen them 10k, so very hard to answer that

Should you replace the brushes on a starter or replace the starter?

replace the starter

How often should you replace the tires on a motorcycle?

how often should I replace the tires on my motorcycle>

How often should you replace your running shoes?

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If you have 12000 gallon tank what shoild psi be around?

what should your psi be around in a inground swimming pool andt it hold 12,000 gallons of water

How full should an inground pool be?

An in-ground pool should be just at the level of the center of the skimmer openings. If higher than the center of the skimmers, the skimmers will not function propely and the pools surface will collect debris.

Is there anything special that should be done if you are not opening your inground 16x32 pool with a mesh safety cover for the season?

Probably shocking it and adding an algaecide wouldn't hurt.

If it is 80 degrees and breezy what temperature should an inground six-foot deep pool be?

At least 20 degrees lower than the air temperature.

Should you leave your inground pool empty for winter?

No. You just drain out enough water to close up the skimmers/plumbing, but the pool remains mostly full.

Inground pool Your pump is sucking air and leaking when off what could cause?

I have the same problem. From what I've been able to find it is probably the mechanical seal between the shaft of the electric motor and the pump body or housing. Directions are on the net to replace these. Should be fixed as it can ruin the bearings on the motor. RJ & Eddies Dad

When should the vapor canister be replace on a Pontiac sunfire?

when should the vapor canister be replace on a 1996 pontiac sunfire

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Yes you Should

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Replace it only if it becomes defective.

How do you replace the light in an inground pool with a vinyl liner?

I am assuming some variables here but if it is just the bulb then there is one screw (Phillips head small) at the 12oclock position unscrew and the bulb unit should float to the surface there should be enough cord to reach the deck unscrew the 10 or 12 flat head screws and pop the casket from the glass take out old bulb replace it with new and reverse the process. The new lights have just one Phillips head screw that holds the gasket so even easier

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No, you should keep and reuse the old sink.