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Should you see a doctor if you can't stop eating flour by the cupfuls?

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Yes, because your body could be lacking a vitamin or something that it really needs.

2006-08-07 20:37:47
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How many cupfuls of flour in 450 grams?

That is approximately 3.61 cups

Is it possible to become addicted to eating flour and can you go through withdrawal if you stop eating it?

you might be lacking something in your immune system that makes you want to eat flower so you should talk to your doctor it's some nutrient in flour your body is missing so you should see your doctor so he can tell you what to eat so you can stop eating flour and eat the right foods to replace the urgency of eating flour. It will stop when you find out what the supplement of flour you need and you want go through a withdrawl you have to tell your mind that you just think you need the flour it's not the flour you need.

What is the singular form of cupful?

Cupful is the singular form. It indicates a single full cup of something, often a food ingredient. Cupfuls is the plural, according to The Perrin-Smith Handbook of Current English, page 349. More than one full cup of something is referred to as cupfuls, as in two cupfuls of flour.

How can you stop eating flour?

by not eating food that involes flour

Can eating dry flour hurt you?

No, eating dry flour will not hurt you.

Is eating flour an eating disorder?

Eating non-food products (such as raw flour) can be a sign of the eating disorder known as pica.

Does tapioca flour need to be cooked before eating?

No, but i wouldn't recomend eating flour.

Can eating flour be harmful?


What is in white eating flour?

Flour is ground wheat without the hulls.

Is eating flour bad?

The risk of illness from raw flour is low But, Don't eat raw flour.

What should you not eat to lose weight?

try not eating anything white, bread sugar flour. nothing white

Can eating flour harm your body?

eating flour by itself is not harmful, it actually has good ammounts of nutrients in it, but why you would eat flour by itself is beyond me unless someone dared you to eat a tablespoon of flour like we did in bakeshop, it's NASTY

Is it harmful to eat several spoonfuls of self rising flour daily?

Not unless you have Celiac /Coeliac disease or are allergic to wheat. If you are eating the flour cooked in something, it should present no problem at all. If you are eating the flour raw this is also not harmful (people eat cookie dough all the time), but I wouldn't personally advise it due to the definite "floury" taste which uncooked flour has.

Is eating raw flour bad?


Can you get sick from eating raw flour?

If you have an allergy to gluten or if you have baker's asthma, meaning that inhaling or ingesting raw flour gives you an allergic reaction, then yes, you can become very sick from eating raw flour.

Can eating raw flour when pregnant harm the baby?


Is eating self rising flour bad for you?

No. It isn't.

Is there harm in eating all purpose flour?

not at all!

How long does it take to digest a flour tortilla?

Eating a flour tortilla is the same as eating bread. How long this food takes to digest will be determined by the metabolism of each individual.

Can eating plain flour harm unborn baby?

not unless there was something wwrong with the flour in the first place.

Can leopard geckos eat flour?

I have never heard of a leopard gecko that eats flour. the closest I have heard of something like that would be a leopard gecko eating mealworms that eat oats. I don't think you should try feeding a Leo some flour.

If Enriched Flour is bad for you then What should one be looking for when buying flour?

you should look for "whole grain flour"

Will eating flour on a daily basis prevent you from becoming pregnant in the future?

No! Geez, if eating flour prevented pregnancy mankind would have quite growing wheat centuries ago or died out.No! Geez, if eating flour prevented pregnancy mankind would have quite growing wheat centuries ago or died out.

Is eating self rising flour a form of pica?


What is the difference between all-purpose flour and unbleached flour. Can I use unbleached flour in a recipe tha calls for flour?

all purpose flour has bleach in it, therefore when you eat anything made with all purpose flour you are eating bleach.