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Should you see an allergy doctor about your child's asthma?

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July 17, 2015 5:29PM

Yes you should. For both asthma and allergies, a doctor in general practice may not recognize allergies. Some doctors do recognize and treat allergies while others do not. An allergist (sometimes listed as "Allergies and Immunology") specializes in this particular area and are up-to-date (we hope! As in some countries, allergists don't even know what anaphylaxis is.) on treatments. As with any doctor, it is good to get recommendations from your doctor, friends, or professional organizations. If you are uncomfortable with one allergist, try another. For children, there are allergists who specialize in pediatric allergies or advertise that they treat children. Though any allergist can treat adults or children, it sometimes helps to have one who definitely *likes* children and respects the differences between adults and children.

ASTHMA: Pediatricians seem reluctant to use the term asthma. This bugs my allergist (and me), because he feels it precludes proper treatment sometimes. If you see any asthma symptoms and are poo-pooed by the pediatrician, see an allergist! This seems most often the case with an allergic kid who coughs every morning. I've heard MANY stories of pediatricians who, at most, tell parents to use an antihistamine (worse, cold medicine; worst, don't worry). Then the child ends up in acute distress in the hospital!

Allergists are most up to date on asthma treatment, which really matters. Allergists can often pinpoint particular allergens to avoid, from testing or only history! Allergists will tell you which environmental changes to make.

i completely agree with that entire answer and an asthma allergy doctor i recommend is Lisa Barociano (i don't really know how to spell the last name) She is a great doctor and is located in east hanover

Yet another answer!

You should definetly see an allerrgist or a doctor. When I was twelve my doctor gave my cough syrup and a week later I was rushed to hospital after running a mile!

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