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Should you send your ex-boyfriend a birthday card?

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Ex-boyfriend and Birthday Card

In my opinion you should NOT. Once a person is your ex, all gifts and cards stop, and you get on with your life.

In my opinion, this is entirely acceptable, as long as this is just a freind-to friend-thing.

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Should you send a thank you card to send to someone who sends you a birthday card?

You do not need to send a thank you card for a birthday or holiday card; however, you should send that person a birthday card on HIS/HER next birthday. Holiday cards should be reciprocated as appropriate. Just thank them when you receive the gift or by phone

What day should you send a birthday card to Andrew Lloyd webber?

why would you send a birthday card to andrew lloyd webber?

Should you send a birthday gift to your exboyfriend?

NO. Espesailly if you have a new one. It would be nice, unless he like, hates you or some thing.

Should one send birthday card to an estranged friend?

If you have not been in contact with the estranged friend for over a year then no, you do not send a birthday card because it appears both of you have moved on in your lives.

When to send a birthday card?

A week before their birthday.

Can you send me a birthday card?


Should you send a birthday card to your ex step daughter?

yes i think that would be nice..

How much does it cost to send birthday card from UK to Australia?

how much does it cost to send a birthday card to australia

Can you pleas come to my birthday?

no... but I'll send you a card.

If you have a close friend over the internet what can you do about their birthday?

Make them a card on Microsoft publisher and send it to them on an email as a link, get her address and send her a card or voucher. Send her an email.

How much postage to send birthday card to the Philippines from Gaithersburg MD?

Using an average birthday card size and weight, about $2.30.

Can the Jonas Brothers send you a birthday present on your birthday?

If you apply for an account on, the Jonas Brothers fan site will send you a card on your birthday every year. That's what I did (:

Should i send my ex a birthday card we broke up 5 months ago and the only 'contact' since then was a missed call from him i didn't have the guts to call back.?

If you want to get back with him, do send a card

What is the proper etiquette for sending a electronic card on the recipient's birthday?

No one can say for sure what the proper etiquette is for sending a birthday gift card. Something to keep in mind is to always send a gift card that can be returned or refunded should the receiver not like the store.

What address should I send Aston Merrygold's birthday card to?

You have to send it to there Fan Mail. Which is.... Modest! Management The Matrix Complex 91 Peterborough Road London SW6 3BU

How do you get your 100th birthday card from the queen?

send a letter to the palace lol

Why did my exboyfriend send you a pictures of himself?

Perhaps he wanted me to see what he looks like??

What does club penguin do on your birthday?

They will send you a happy birthday card on your birthday. Nothing special like a party. I wish they would though.

Does president send card for 100 year old birthday?

sorry to say but no you would have to be older and the president might send a card to an older person sorry=[

how do I send birthday e cards?

Well you should first get the e gift card and try to send it somehow through the mail. Or you could go on the websites FAQ's if it has one to ask them personally.

How do you reply to a birthday greetings?

Send thank you cards, thanking the sender for thinking of you, and make sure you send them a card on their birthday. A verbal thank you will do. Only the Greeting card industry and the postal service would want you to send a thank you card for a Birthday Greeting, the recipient who, in turn would feel obligated to return a thank you for the thank you card to which you would have to respond in kind....a never ending cycle of joy for Hallmark I would imagine..

What is a benefit for an online birthday card?

The benefit of an online birthday card is that you don't need to go to the store to buy a card. In addition, if you're loved one is away, you can send it to him on her in the fastest way possible.

How likely is it that I will get an autograph from Selena Gomez's fan mail?

if you send her a present or a birthday card

How much does it cost to send a birthday card from the US to Canada?

Under an ounce is $0.75.

What message should you send to your girlfriend on her birthday?

I love your birthday almost as much as I love you. Happy birthday!