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Should you start taking prenatal pills if you are planning to get pregnant?


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It is recommended that all women of child bearing age take prenatal vitamins.If you are trying to get pregnant and haven't started taking them, you should start taking them now.

You should be taking a prenatal vitamin which is available at the drugstore.

If you are trying to get pregnant then yes, start prenatal vitamins right away. You don't have to wait until you get pregnant. Talk to your doctor and he/she will be able to get you started and answer any questions you should have.

You should ALWAYS check with your Doctor before taking ANY medication if you are pregnant or if you are planning to get pregnant.

Prenatal vitaminsWomen who are planning on getting pregnant or are already pregnant should take organic prenatal vitamins. Prenatal vitamins are important to take before, during and after pregnancy because they contain important ingredients such as folic acid.Women Must Take Organic Prenatal VitaminsAlthough most experts recommend that women take prenatal vitamins before getting pregnant, experts also urge women who are not taking prenatal vitamins to start taking organic prenatal vitamins as soon as they learn they are pregnant. Women who take prenatal vitamins have the added reassurance of knowing they have the proper nutrients in their body.Women Should Take Organic Prenatal Vitamins That Have Folic AcidWhether a woman is planning on getting pregnant or is currently pregnant, women must make certain that they are taking an organic prenatal vitamin that contains folic acid. Folic acid is the main ingredient in prenatal pills that helps prevent neural tube defects. Women who do not take folic acid put their unborn child at risk for a spinal cord defect known as spinal bifida. Babies born with spinal bifida are born with an exposed spine.Women Should Supplement Their Meals With Organic Prenatal VitaminsEven women who eat well each day should make certain that they are supplementing their diet with organic prenatal vitamins that contain folic acid. Although organic prenatal vitamins contain other beneficial ingredients, folic acid is one of the main ingredients that helps make certain that babies are born strong and healthy. Although many foods contain folic acid, doctors warn that eating well-balanced meals may not be enough to prevent birth defects. As such, all pregnant women should take organic prenatal vitamins that contain folic acid.Women who are planning to become pregnant or are of child bearing age should take an organic prenatal vitamin to make certain they have the proper level of nutrients in their system at all times. By taking organic prenatal vitamins before, during and after a pregnancy, women will have the added reassurance of knowing that they have taken the steps to deliver a healthy and strong baby.

You might be pregnant... Prenatal vitamins do not affect ovulation.

You only take Prenatal Vitamins during your pregnancy to help with the babies growth and development. They don't help you to get pregnant.

You should stop consuming alcohol, drugs and tobacco immediately. You should start taking a prenatal immediately. Good luck.

As long as you are taking your prenatal vitamins you should be ok. but I would ask my doctor to be on the safe side.

Prenatal pills do not make or help you *get* pregnant. Prenatal pills help to prepare your body to make sure that you are getting the adequate vitamins and minerals needed to support the baby *during* pregnancy. I

Clomid is taken before you conceived and if your pregnant already then you will be taking prenatal vitamins.

No, don't take prenatal vitamins unless you are trying to get pregnant, are pregnant, or are breast feeding. The vitamins are specially formulated for what a pregnant woman needs during her pregnancy. However, you can talk to your doctor about taking other supplements for hair growth.

You should carry on taking folic acid through the first trimester, along with iron and calcium throughout the pregnancy.

You shouldn't stop taking them. It would be bad. You can still get pregnant on the medication. In my family hypothryoidism runs in our family and I'm here.

No, it won't hurt you. If you plan on becoming pregnant within the next three months and going off BC pills during that time, you should begin taking prenatal vitamins to make sure your body has all the nutrients it needs before becoming pregnant. Then of course you continue taking the prenatal vitamins during pregnancy and breast feeding as well.

Prenatal vitamins such as Spring Valley's gummy prenatal vitamins can be used to help hair and nail growth. It does not throw your cycle and make it irregular if you happen to not be pregnant. In fact many gynecologists actually prefer if you take prenatal vitamins before you become pregnant in order to prepare your body for pregnancy.

No. Some women never take prenatal vitamins but its best that you see a doctor and take them.

Some doctors (mine included) advise taking extra calcium because the growing baby is taking a lot of your supply. Vitamin B6 may help with "morning" sickness. The reason to separate between taking calcium and prenatals is the absorption of iron. If your prenatal has low levels of calcium then separate calcium from prenatal and that way you will absorb both. If your prenatal is high on calcium, then it doesn't matter anyhow. In that case you might cinsider taking iron separately. That was my case.

Take a pregnancy test. You can buy one at the supermarket or chemist or get one done at the doctor's surgery. If you are pregnant you need to see a midwife so that she/he can make sure the baby is growing normally and everything Start taking prenatal vitamins ASAP, stop smoking and drinking if you do that, and see a doctor right away to confirm it and start giving you prenatal care. If you are taking birth control pills, you need to stop taking them until you know you're not pregnant

Yes, Nature Made prenatal vitamins are a good choice to take while pregnant. Always consult your doctor before taking any vitamins while pregnant.

About nine months, since prenatal vitamins are taken during pregnancy.

Despite what you may have heard, taking prenatal vitamins won't increase your chances of getting pregnant, but it will certainly increase your chances of having a healthy baby once you are pregnant. See the Related Links section below for more information.

I have read in some magazines, that it is a good idea to start taking prenatal vitamins if you are trying. Taking them with birth control, I am not sure! Hope this helps! Jlmiller

Pap smears do not harm a pregnancy. They are a normal part of prenatal care.

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