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Should you stay with a guy if he really loves you but you have feelings for someone else and you want to end it with him but then he lands in the hopital from depression?


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I guess i would see which of the two i like and which of the two i love. You have to think for yourself now. If it comes out to be the guy in the hospital show him that you care and go to him evry once in a while (most likely everyday if possible) but if its the other well break it down to him slowly and try not to make him feel worthless that'll make his deppression worsen. Well Good Luck!!!!!!!


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The feelings you have for your girlfriend should be strong. If you don't have these feelings you need to break up. There is someone for everyone.

decide if the feelings they have for the ex are bigger then the feelings they have for you. Everyone always has feelings for their ex - good or bad - so when you hook up with someone you just have to be sure that their feelings for you are stronger.

If your emotions are numb, there are others like you, really. We often block out our feelings if we have been seriously hurt or in emotional pain. This can also be a sign of depression or shock. You should open up and see someone, cause these feelings can lead to things you never thought your would do.

Talk about why your feelings are hurt with someone who is close to you, think about how to improve what happening to make you feel hurt

The way you feel about someone shouldn't immediately dictate how that person should feel about you.If someone you don't enjoy being around confessed they have deep feelings for you, you still wouldn't have any feelings for them no matter what.No one "should" love anyone, they just either do or do not love someone (or suffer from a complicated place somewhere in between). Love cannot be forced, you can attempt to make someone realise your feelings and try to spark feelings towards you in their heart, but you cannot force them to love you.

First of all it should not ever matter what your friends think - if you like someone that is your business and none of theirs. And secondly, if you are with someone but have feelings for someone else you should not be dating anyone until you take some time to sort out your feelings. You cannot be in a relationship if you harbour feelings for someone else and expect it to work out.

she should accept the reaction of the guy, because first of all he may still be in shock at the time the girl confesses her feelings. she must also give space for the guy to analyze and acknowledge his own feelings

Someone should not tell someone that they have no reason to be depressed if that person is truly suffering from depression. Depression is a debilitating mental illness and often has no apparent cause. People who are depressed often don't have a reason and wouldn't be able to pinpoint one when asked either. Statements like these from a loved one could potentially worsen the depression.

when you go out with someone you should be completely honest and faithful.... i think you should confront her about those feelings and ask her to make up her mind because love triangles are painful...

You should let him know, in a subtle way to see if you even have a chance with him. If your feelings are not returned, you should move on and find someone who really does like you. This has been my experience. Oh yeah, be patient, these feelings usually don't happen overnight.

Symptoms for teen depression are very similar to the symptoms for adult depression. Withdral from people and things that they usually associate with is one symptom.

you should tell them about your feelings and hope he/she will have the same feelings

I figure if you like the person then you should confront your feelings and let it be known to that person

Being a pregnant teen is hard. And ring depressed may happen but you should see someone who can help you through it. Or just talk to someone, being able to let your feelings out through verbal voice ways you should just let it out, it will bring a whole lot of weight off of your shoulders..

You need to talk with someone. If your guidance counselor wasn't a good fit, your school should also have a psychologist, social worker or both. One of the worst things you can do when dealing with depression is to try to handle it yourself. It magnifies the feelings of isolation and the problem just spirals downward.

If someone named Aedan has a crush on someone the one who they are crushing on should think about what their feelings are about Aedan. If their feelings are mutual let the other know by being direct or dropping signals.

Depression is treatable and should not prevent someone from working. However, compounded with substance abuse can make it much worse.

I think that you should take some time away from your boyfriend. It's not going to work out if u have feelings for someone else. Be honest! A man likes a woman to be honest. If u have feelings for someone else,u must not be happy in your relationship.

Nothing. If someone is taken: don't flirt with them, don't gain feelings for them, don't make them gain feelings for you, don't make them confused about who they want, & don't be a homewrecker.

You should show your love to this person. If She/He loves you back is waiting for you to show your feelings.

I don't think that running away from your feelings is bad but you should consider talking about your feelings to someone you can trust or write your feelings down on a paper and then later burn it or throw it away.

You have to take the time to sort your feelings out before you can be with anyone as you should not enter a relationship if you like someone else.

Depression can lead to suicide, or can lead a person to engage in illegal activities. If someone is depressed, they should see a medical professional in order to get medication and therapy that can help alleviate the depression symptoms.

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