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You should absolutely stay with your boyfriend because he was honest. Don't always blame the guys ... there are some gals out there that just love to play the game of stealing boyfriends or husbands. Some women are no better than men when it comes to having no regard for this sort of thing. Don't blame it all on the men. Your boyfriend is honest. He could have been caught by surprise, and if anyone who has ever had a few drinks too many says they haven't done stupid things then they're lying. The point is HE TOLD YOU ABOUT IT! You have a great guy there so don't blow it. Marcy

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โˆ™ 2005-11-02 00:19:35
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Q: Should you stay with your boyfriend if a girl kissed him when they were drunk and he kissed her back but came to your house twenty minutes later to confess?
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Your boyfriend kissed your sister for several minutes what do you do?

break up with that fool

What if your friend kissed your boyfriend he didn't know she was going to what should you do?

If your friend kissed your boyfriend then you should connfront her. Ask her why she would do that when she knows he's your boyfriend. Then you should ask your boyfriend if he made the first move not her.

Should you get upset if your boyfriend tells you a girl kissed him?

yes you should

When I kissed my ex boyfriend i started to get these pimples around my mouth and now i have a new boyfriend and when we kissed i started to get them again...are they oral herpes?

Sounds like it. You should check with a doctor.

Should you tell your boyfriend that someone kissed you?

Not right away. Maybe if kissing him is getting regular,you can hint to him you have kissed someone else. He most likely have kissed many of girls.

What do you do when your boyfriend kissed another girl and another boy kissed you?

talk to him about it

What should I do now that I kissed my ex boyfriend who has another girlfriend?

you should say sorry then smack him in the face and run away from him

When do you know you should kiss your boyfriend on the lips?

well if your asking tihs question you aernt ready haha i was 12 when i kissed my boyfriend.

If a guy kissed you and you want to tell your boyfriend what should you say?

Tommy is a way better kisser than you are.

What should you do if you kissed your best friend at prom and you like them?

Ask them to be your boyfriend/girlfriend (i dunno which gender you are so...)

Is he your boyfriend?

if you have kissed or go on dates yes.

What do you do when you haven't kissed your boyfriend in weeks?

kiss him

Should you kiss your girlfriend at the age of 12 after going out for nearly 10 months?

You can I'm surprised that you havent kissed her yet I kissed my boyfriend allot when I was that age just make sure that she is ready for it:)

Will you be jealous if your boyfriend kissed another woman?


Should you tell your best friend that you kissed her boyfriend even if you where drunk?

It's best to be honest. It would be better hearing it from you rather than someone else like her boyfriend, for example.

What do you do when your boyfriend kissed another girl and another boy kissed you but you still love your boyfriend?

It depends on if the kiss you had with this other person meant anything to you? and also if the kiss your boyfriend had with this other girl also meant anything. If none of the kisses meant anything then your relationship should be fine as it was just a kiss and you both still love each other.

How do you tell your boyfriend you kissed another guy?

You could just say to him 'I was drunk and he kissed me, so I was too drunk to resist?' It will cause him pain to know that, so maybe you should just put up with the guilt?

What do you do if your boyfriend kissed you while you were sleeping?

Invite him to come over and have it with him.

Who has Vanessa Hudgens kissed?

She has kissed Zac Efron , her co-star from High School Musical and her boyfriend and, Corbin Blue.

Should a 6th grader kiss her boyfriend on the lips?

well i would be wayyy embarassed and i would get in BIG trouble how bout if i kissed him on the cheek?

How do you know the difference between friend and boyfriend?

you should be able to tell if he's youre boy or just a friend. if you've been on a lot of dates and maybe kissed id say you were boyfriend and girlfriend.

Which episode did kirari confess her love to hiroto in?

they almost kissed in episode 13 in a drama

I found out my boyfriend kissed another girl it only happened once but what should i do should we take a break should i break up with him or should i just get over it?

break up with him!!!! if he'll do it once, he'll do it again!

Should you tell your boyfriend you kissed someone else?

NOOOOOOOO! Why would you do that? YES! Then tell him it was amazing and you could see the sparks flying and the doves soaring through the air!!! WHAT!!! ARE YOU STUPID!!! Dont tell him. if you kissed someone else and you like them more than your boyfriend then go out with them. It is a choice only you can make. Think of why you would feel compelled to tell him, what it would do to your relationship, what will it do to him, why you even kissed someone else. Remember, that relationships are based on trust. Without trust you have nothing. The choice you make will have consequences you will have to deal with, if you choose to tell him, or even if you decide not to. You have to ask yourself some hard questions as to why this even happened. a good relationship comes with trust, and if you like the other person better, you can tell him that you kissed some one else when you break-up with him. But, if you like your boyfriend more, and if he is a good boyfriend, he will understand. If you can't decide, listen to your heart. You can always find a way. If the situation is like, you kissed a guy that wasn't your boyfriend and you like the guy more, breakup with your boyfriend and tell him you kissed the guy. Or if its like you kissed a guy, and it was a big mistake, then you should tell the guy you kissed that you found some one else, then if your boyfriend ever finds out, tell him that happened before you guys dated. Everything should work out. HEY! the last paragraph is the sneaky easy way out! Its SO much easier! do that! Seriously! or..... the second paragraph i guess. well maybe...... I think you should just tell the dude you kissed some one else and get it over with! all you have to do is say, " Hey I kissed some one else, and i liked it!" or something more gentle like, "hey i kissed some one else,but it was a big mistake. I never meant for it to happen, you're the one i like. Please don't leave me" Good luck with this situation! :D

Should you kiss on your first date with your boyfriend?

Yes he is your boyfriend you like him he likes you what's wrong with him kissing you on the first date!!! I kissed my boyfriend before we even wet on a date so yea If you want to then kiss if you don't want to then that should be okay too. It is up to you to decide this issue.