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Should you stay with your boyfriend if you love him and he is very handsome and rich but you feel he is just not that into you?

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October 14, 2005 7:26PM

Seems to me you are going with this guy for all the wrong

reasons and not for all the right reasons such as: Do you care

enough about him to see beyond his money? Do you realize behind

that handsome face there is a person with feelings and doubts. Have

you ever taken the time out to find out what is ticking inside of

him? Do you believe he truly loves you or you're just another girl

he can easily seduce with his looks and money? Does he spend time

with you and do you talk about both of your hopes and dreams in the

future? Does he care how you feel? Does he use his money and looks

to get what he wants in the world? Does he flirt with other women?

Is he away more than he's home? Do you take an interest in his

work? Do you work and contribute anything to yourself or the

relationship? These are some hard questions you are going to have

to ask yourself and the biggy here is: Do you just go with him

because he's handsome and rich and you like to impress others by

this. They say you get back what you put into anything, so if these

are your reasons, you're pretty much getting back what you have put

into this relationship. Marcy There's a saying that is, "If you

marry for money, you'll be paying for the rest of your life."

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