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I know that when I used Limewire on my Dell computer and Windows ME that the program crashed my system several times. I'm not a big fan of Limewire. * Windows ME isn't very stable to begin with, the problem might not be with what programs are running on it. * If Limewire is causing problems with your system, by all means stop using it until you track down the problem.

== == Heck NO! It's illegal!

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โˆ™ 2008-03-24 03:02:05
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Q: Should you still use LimeWire
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Why should people be allowed to use LimeWire?

People dont need to be using limewire because the share the music!

Is Unlimitedmp3music legal?

No. But We still seem to use "LimeWire" anyway..dont we?? lolz

If LimeWire has stopped working what should you try first?

Just use Frostwire

Can you still use LimeWire music for the new itunes 8.0?

of course. the .mp3 file you get from limewire can be played using any media player, no matter what version. I have the new itunes (8) and my music downloaded from limewire works perfectly.

Can you put songs from your MySpace playlist on Cd?

Nopee you can not. You have to download itunes Or you can download limewire for free. I use limewire. No viruses or anything so far &+ I downloaded it a couple years ago. You should download limewire :]

Why don't more people use LimeWire to download WWE music?

We still do. People still can use limewire if they desire to do so along with napster or morpheous. Most people probably use winmx or something similar because it's cheap and easy to use. Also, some computers block Limewire access due to a firewall and can be a hassle to keep turning your firewall on/off all the time. Limewire also gave some people virusus on there computer because people have noticed

How do you get music on your iPod without itune?

it is possible to use a website such as limewire which should work

Can you still use LimeWire?

According to our stupid government, no. BUT, if you have LimeWire Pro, it still works. If you've got an internet connection, you can still search and download. most things are being re-uploaded, although I have no idea who is doing it since the network is "shut down".

In which states is LimeWire illegal?

LImeWire is illegal to use in all states.

How many people use LimeWire?

about 3.56% of the population uses limewire

How do you put password in LimeWire?

Limewire doesn't need or use a password.

Suppose i had frostwire should i delete it because of the government controlling limewire now?

No. Frostwire is still legal presently.

Is LimeWire still being sued?


Best site to dowload music?

Itunes legally, Limewire illegally The use of Limewire is perfectly legal. How you use it is another matter. There are sites where Limewire can be used perfectly legally.

What are some features of LimeWire?

Limewire is said to make sharing and searching for files easy, yet in many cases it is said to give a virus once installed and used. Files obtained from Limewire should be scanned by an antivirus program before use.

What is the best type should you use on LimeWire for a mac?

limewire on a mac will fry your hard drive & it will do it fast! I thought the apple people just told me that because they had to. But it's true it really will.

You want to remove LimeWire but cannot find it as LimeWire. What program would you refer to.?

Have you loooked in ALL PROGRAMS in yoour PC ? You should be able to find LIMEWIRE there and it should be called LIMEWIRE. Also try going to add/remove programs

Can you put LimeWire on the acer aspire one?

You can, but why use limewire? Its crap and watched by the FBI.

How safe is LimeWire 5.4?

No matter what version of LimeWire, it is never 100% safe and still has files for download with viruses.

You have an iPod but you use LimeWire but its Illegal you dont know if your parents would pay 99 cents for your songs What can you do?

use Limewire!!!

What is the safest music downloading site to go on?

I would use frostwire or limewire, I mainly use limewire to download music.

Should you get LimeWire?

Yes, but be careful

Should you be afraid of LimeWire?


Should you Download Photoshop On LimeWire?

no only use it for music.. if you do you'll get hacked for sure, use torrents but make sure theres comments saying that you can actually use it without viruses. stay far away from limewire unless you're a mac user.

Is it illegal to use LimeWire plus?

It is completely legal to download songs videos, etc. from the free limewire or any other version of limewire.