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Should you take a Chevrolet Suburban to the dealer for repairs or use an independent car repair shop?


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A dealership will charge more (I work at one), but it will likely be done RIGHT. Especially if you take it to a Chevrolet dealer! We've been taking our truck to Bill Heard and they have no record, as of today, on repairs done last month and in the past. The same problems have been repaired there more than once. Something else always happens after we've taken it in to the Bill Heard Repair Center. The truck is Diesel and it's one year old. I don't think we should be having so many problems. Our present problem is the speedometer not working. Don't know where to take it for repairs. If the dealer can't take care of the problems, then who should you trust? Take it to a GMC DEALER that DOES NOT also sell PONTIACS. They usually are more aware of the problems with TRUCKS and only work on them. Before I take mine to the local Chevy parts changer, I give the local Pontiac guys a shot at mine. More often than not(better than 90%) They listen(always good), can/will READ my trouble shooting list, and will discuss problem/go for a test drive BEFORE putting it on the analyzer. If your dealer looks at you like you have 3 heads when you bring in a trouble shooting list, RUN don't walk out the door and go to another dealer/shop.


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