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You need to focus on the basics: math, english, science, and learning to spell and use words properly would be a good idea. If you're still in HS, you still have plenty of time, but it's "pertaining"... just for future reference. College admission boards tend to look at SAT and ACT scores and certainly are concerned with your writing ability when/if they require an essay as part of their admissions process. This isn't intended as criticism, but if you're serious about college you should start now to work on the issues that will help you when you get there. Many college professors are intolerant of spelling errors, no matter the subject. Good luck, and I sincerely wish you the best.

2006-07-19 02:41:08
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What classes should you take to major in IT?

I would recommend taking Computer Science and Math at a high-school level.

What classes would you need to graduate college to be a neonatalogist?

If you want to be a neonatologist, you should major in pre-med if your college offers a pre-med major. If not, you should major in biology and then apply to medical school.

How many years of college do you have to go through and what classes should you take in high school to be a translator?

Take as many language classes in high school that you can. Apply to study abroad if possible. In college, you should major in a language and again apply to study abroad.

What high school classes should you take to get a major in Chemistry?

Declaring your major in college is not something that is effected by the classes that you took during high school. Once you are admitted into a college, you will have several semesters until your major needs to be declared. These first few semesters are used for taking "core" classes that everyone needs to graduate. Once your major is declared, then you will have to take classes specific to that major.I suggest talking to an advisor at the college you plan on attending. They will be able to provide you with more details as to how their institution handles this issue.

What classes are required in college if you want to go to law school?

There are no required classes or even a required major. You have to have good enough grades to get into law school.

What high school classes should you take to major in interior design?

You should probably try to go into AP art classes because in highschool they don't have the class Interior Designingspecifically.Actually, my high school has an interior design class...and ok, AP art classes I'll get into, but what other classes would provide me with more of the skills I need to become a successful interior designer?

What classes should you take in high school if you want to work as an editor in a publishing office?

what matters more is your major in college. you wont become an editor with just a high school diploma

What high school classes should someone take to become a finance major?

Most importantly take economics and as many pre- calculus and calculus classes., If your HS offers any budget planning or budget financing classes., those are a + as well.,

What are the high school classes you need for video game design?

To prepare for a major in game design/creation, high school classes should include a strong background in math, and should include physics. You should take computer applications, and in addition, you should take history and art courses. You must have a solid foundation in written and oral communication skills also.

What classes are needed for a master's degree?

need more info - what major - best to talk to a councilor as classes will vary by school etc

What should you study in high school or college?

Take the classes that you are good in and that inspire you/interest you. In college, you can have a major and a minor, usually, so you can pick two fields then.

What kind of degree does a mammalogist need?

it doesnt matter what kind of degree unless you have outstanding grades in high school. your major thing is the right classes it doesnt matter what kind of degree unless you have outstanding grades in high school. your major thing is the right classes it doesnt matter what kind of degree unless you have outstanding grades in high school. your major thing is the right classes

Will you get accepted into medical school if premed is not your major?

pre-med isn't a major its more like a list of extra classes that are required to apply to medical school

How do you teach advanced level classes in high school?

A get a Ph.D. in teaching or you major in the subject.

Spanish major premed?

A person with a Spanish major who wants to be pre-med will need to focus on additional classes that will help with med school. Such classes include chemistry, biology, and math.

What classes should you take for your freshman year in community college if your major is nursing?

If you already know your major, you would go to an advisor at the school to find out what the course of study is. The program includes specific classes you must have as well as some electives. After that, you choose the order, for the most part, in which you will take the classes. Probably most of your freshman classes are going to be the basics of English, science, language and so on.

What high school classes do you need for law school?

High School Classes are irrelevant for acceptance into law school; however, you will best serve yourself by planning ahead and taking classes that will assist you in planning for a major in College. Practically all ABA accredited law schools require a Bachelors Degree from an accredited university for admission. There is no requirement on the major you choose, while in your undergraduate program.

What are the major classes of engineering materials?

the major classes of materials

how do you major in marine biology?

You got to high school and look at classes that can support you when you go to college.

I am in high school. What classes should I take if I want to become a dentist?

I think that you should work in chemistry, biology, and physiology. For maths you should take as many as possiable as in algebra, geomotry, calculas and other major classes. If you want to own your own dental office you should take accounting, and other things that appy to business.

What should you major when in college when becoming an orthodontist?

There are some colleges that offer dental classes, but only because those classes are related to actual dental schools. Normally you would just have to major in a science such as biology, chemistry, or psychology and then just take all the required dental examinations, and just hope for the best and get into a dental school. YOU DO NOT, AND I REPEAT, DO NOT HAVE TO DO PRE-MED TO GET INTO DENTAL SCHOOL!!

Is it normal for someone to fail a couple of classes in their major in the first two years of college?

If you're failing classes in your intended major, you really should rethink your major or school all together. Are you failing because it's too hard for you, or because you're uninterested in the subject, or because you're uninterested in college in general? If it's college in general, stop wasting yours and/or your parents' money and take a break until you're ready to be serious with school. If it's that the classes are too hard, look into more remedial classes to prepare you for the tougher courses or reconsider your major entirely. If you're finding the classes completely uninteresting, then it's definitly time to switch majors. In short, no, it's not normal to fail classes.

What subject should i take at high school to become a producer?

There are some high schools who have classes in video production you can take as a elective, but other than that you need to do your best in your classes for the next four years so you can go to college and major in film.

What science should you major to be a vet?

The major in undergraduate is mostly irrelevant - the important goal is to make sure you have completed all the pre-requisite courses for applying to vet school. However, most vet school applicants major in biology, chemistry, animal science or a related field since these majors are pretty close to the list of pre-requisite classes for vet school.

What science should you major to become a vet?

Biology and then take pre-vet classes