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Think about what you just asked and then think about what your looking for, you know what the right answer is :o)

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Q: Should you take your boyfriend back if you've been together for 5 years and you split up with him in an argument just before he went out so he got drunk and slept with someone?
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Should my boyfriend and I move in together?

You should never move in with someone if you aren't married.

What should you do if your boyfriend ditches you for other girls when your together?

Find someone that is more interested in you.

Boyfriend but you also like someone else what should you do?

i have a boyfriend but like someone else whai should i do

What's your definition of cheating?

When someone betrays a partner and does an act that only boyfriend and girlfriend should do together with someone else. E.g sex with someone else.

What should you do if your boyfriend is always busy?

If your boyfriend is always busy, at least give it an attempt to try to hang-out/spend time together that way if an argument starts about it he can't say "well you didn't try." If you can never see him, then why go out?

What should you do when you really love someone else but my boyfriend and my self have 2 children together and you do not want to hurt him?

You should crush any feelings for someone else and marry your boyfriend. Your children need a mom and dad in their life, not a broken home. Do the unselfish thing and think of them.

Should you call your boyfriend after not speaking for 2 days because of an argument?

yes, because that's still your boyfriend... try to fix things.

Should a friend use her exboyfriend in an argument with another friend?

Unless the ex boyfriend was part of the problem then no, you should not involve your ex boyfriend while resolving your problems with your friend.

What if someone love you more then your boyfriend?

It all depends on who that someone is. If that someone is related to, then thats to be exspected , But if that someone just so happens to be another male , then you should think about how you feel about him. If you really love your boyfriend and your boyfriend really loves you thats all that should matter.

What should you do if you have a boyfriend that you really like but you also really like someone else?

You should decide who you would be the happiest with. If you really think that you and your current boyfriend are right for each other, then try and forget the other boy and focus on your boyfriend. But if you think that you and the other guy would be happier together, tell your boyfriend that things weren't working out and that you like someone else, but be nice about it, because your boyfriend has feelings, and you should still care for him because you were going out. Make sure the other boy likes you back before you tell your boyfriend

What should you do if your boyfriend lied to you?

you should talk to your boyfriend face to face and ask him why he lied. then you should ask him if he wants to still be together. Remember part of a relashonship is getting through problems together!

How old should someone have a boyfriend?

when ever ready

What should you not do around your boyfriend?

Cheat on him with someone else.

Your boyfriend doesn't care about you what should you do?

If your boyfriend doesn't care about you, you should dump him. If he doesn't care, you are wasting your time. Find someone who loves you for you and cares about you. Not someone who doesn't.

What do i do when my boyfriend wants to kiss and we have only been together since the 14 you think its time for us to?

If your boyfriend wants to kiss and you have only been together since the 14th, you should only kiss if you are ready to do so. Don't do anything that you are not comfortable with for someone else.

Should i get back together with my boyfriend?


What should you get your boyfriend for your first valentines together?

Get him a funny card.

Why is your ex boyfriend still jealous of my current boyfriend if we broke up 5 months ago?

He is not over you yet. He is letting his feelings get the best of him and he hasn't moved on. He probably imagines that if he can chase your new boyfriend off, he can get you back. You should tell him that you are never going to get back together with him (if that is really true) and tell him that he should move on, and to find someone new. There is someone for him, it just isn't you.

How can you tell if another girl is flirting with your boyfriend?

It's obvious if someone is flirting with your boyfriend. The question should be, "Does your boyfriend care?" The answer to THAT question determines how you should handle the situation. ;)

What should you do if your ex-boyfriend wants to get back together with you and you want to get back together with him but your supposed friend is in the way?

boyfriend first. friend lasy

Should you break up with your boyfriend for someone else?


Should you tell your friend that her boyfriend hit on you?

If your friend is someone that you would really want to call a friend and ya'll do just about everything together then yes you should tell your friend that her boyfriend that he hit on you because it looks like he doesn't have any respect for you or his girlfriend.

Should you dump your boyfriend if there are rumours of him liking someone else?

You should ask your boyfriend to make sure. You should also watch to make sure you to should still be going out.

Should you kiss your boyfriend you just got together?

Only on the mouth.

Should you forgive your boyfriend for cheating on you with your sister?

If you can forgive your sister, you can forgive your boyfriend. It doesn't necessarily mean that you should stay with your boyfriend. Cheating is cheating and if that is not acceptable to you, you should find someone who will respect that wish.