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If he really said, "He's was CONSIDERING getting back together with you" then put this guy out of his misery and kick his booty to the curb. HIM CONSIDER! What a slap in the face to you! It sounds like he thinks he's still in control. This guy hasn't learned a thing. I'd tell him to take a hike and keep on walking. You may love him still, but listen to your gut instincts and this guy is saying he's in control and you can bet you'll end up split-up yet once again. Get some confidence girl, and be strong! You are capable of your own destiny and don't go through life thinking you have to rely on a man to get you through the day (or night.) Good luck Marcy

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โˆ™ 2006-03-23 19:22:04
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Q: Should you take your ex back after a year if you still love him and he says he's been considering getting back together with you even though he was the reason you all broke up?
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