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Should you take your money out of the bank because of the financial crisis?


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Yes because of bank going bankrupt and inflation oil is best

Just putting this out there to make you think:

First of all, there has not been "money" in this country for decades. Not going into that here. Do some research on it if your curious. Hint: National Reserve - how it started and what it did.

Moving on.

Now, if there is a financial crisis to a point that it affects the banks, do you not think it would affect the entire economy? Where would you put your "money", and would it really be safe there? Would you be safe with it there? If there really was a climax to the crisis and the economy collapsed, do you really think your "money" would even be worth anything - anywhere?? This is purely opinion, as this question has no right or wrong answer, but why not take the opportunity to get something for essentially nothing? By using a bank to store your "money", you accrue interest. Read: free "money". You also have the convenience of the check card, paying bills online, generally more purchasing freedom to pay for things that you need on a regular basis. I guess it just depends on what you value most. I don't really see any point in not using a bank. Of course, you might want to make sure you make them remove your overdraft protection so they can't try to rip you off with fees. Banks these days are rather nasty about that.