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Yes, she deserves to know the truth about her boyfriend. This epecially applies if you're friends with his atual girlfriend. The longer you wait, the more deadly the situation becomes. She may never trust you or her boyfriend again. =Answer= Cheating is cheap and a cowardly act! If you both found you were falling in love then he should have had the guts to confront his girlfriend and break it off. I can't believe some people think cheating is A-OK. If in doubt put yourself in the other person's shoes. Both of you are chickens and you should be ashamed of yourselves for hurting his girlfriend. Believe me, she'll be coming out the winner. The two of you deserve each other and once one cheats such as he did you will come to a point in the relationship where you won't trust him! Stay out of it! Already you have given me the impression this guy has a yellow streak up his back and if anyone should be telling his girlfriend it should be him!

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Q: Should you tell a guy's girlfriend that he is cheating on her with you?
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How do I tell a guy I know that his girlfriend is cheating on him with 4 other guys I want him to ask me out I really like him and he told me he likes me too Should i tell him or let it be?

tell him

Will you tell your best friends girlfriend that he is cheating on her?

Yes you should tell her that he is cheating. Because later, it will hurt her if not told.

Can you tell if your girlfriend is cheating?

stalk her

How I can till for sure my girlfriend is cheating?

You can tell for sure that your girlfriend is cheating, by catching her on the act with her lover.

Should you tell your girlfriend her boyfriend is cheating?

No, she will find out eventually. IF you do tell, she might take it negatively and this might ruin your friendship.

What should you do if your best friend is cheating on his girlfriend?

You should tell your best friend in a respectful manner that what he is doing is wrong and that he should stop the cheating because he can hurt people, including himself very badly. or you can tell her if he continues to do so.

Should you tell your girlfriend you have been fooling around with other guys?

Yes, you should tell her that your having feelings for guys, she might be releaved and understand, its better than her catching you in the act

How can you tell if she is cheating on you or talking with other guys?

You probably can not tell if she is cheating on you, but you can ask her and look closely at her reaction. Talking to other guys is probably innocent and nothing to get upset about.

Should you tell a girlfriend if you know her boyfriend is cheating?

yes but always have proof because of you don't she wont believe you

How can you tell if your girlfriend cheating on you?

you can't. just have to trust her, dude.

What to do if your girlfriend doesnt know that you know shes cheating?

tell her.

How do you deal with girlfriend cheating on you?

tell her how you feel and you decide if she is worth it or not.

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