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A - How do you know they are narcissist?

B - Why do you assume that the friend doesn't already know?

C - Why do you think they might want to know?

D - Is it any of your concern?

If you can satisfactorily (and honestly) answer those questions then yes, tell the friend, otherwise leave the matter lie.


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There are different ways to approach this issue depending on the circumstances. here are some suggestions: You may want to do that. But if you don't like how the person's acting then don't be friends with them and just don't hang around them. If you are certain you know what behaviors identify a narcissist and that you are correct about your friend then tell it like it is. Encourage your friend to do some reading about narcissism, especially if they are young enough to change their ways.

If you were really her best friend then you shouldn't say anything. they shouldn't have to worry about a competition. because most likely they will tell the partner and you don't want to take chances of them having a thing about you. that will be all bad. not to mention you don't need to put stress on their mind. she/he is your best friend. you don't need to lose a friendship over a partner...

Yes. Otherwise they'll get deeper and deeper into it. At lease they have a fighting chance if you tell them.

Yes. You should tell your friend that you are gay.

Yes you do need to tell your partner you are infected with HPV.You need to tell him cause you could give him HPV.

tell my friend sorry and tell the truth

You tell their partner? And here's also a tip, Tell ur friend to tell the other partner who doesn't know to have a HIV test with hiim to make sure everythings ok... BUSTED.

you flirt with the person your friends dating and try to hang out with your friend and their partner or just the partner. Get to know the person better and maybe go to the movies or dinner (don't tell your friend of course) and maybe after a while you've been doing that ask the person if they like you or not. If yes, then try going out on a DATE with them and they will break up with your friend. If no, then tell your friend that you went on dates with them and say your friend's partner gave you roses (buy roses and say they were sent to you from the partner) and chocolates and other stuff and then your friend will end up breaking up with the partner then you can go out with the partner.

You should go tell a best friend you trust. And make sure that they won't tell anyone.

I think you should always tell your partner how you feel. I think you should always tell your partner how you feel.

Be careful if you do, the narcissist can be a monster to anyone who hurts their pride.

Yes, you and your friend should have an honest relationship.

Very carefully. This is not a fetish many people are accepting of. Perhaps you should discuss this with a counselor for advice on how and when to tell your partner.

you should tell them when you find out

I think you should just say I am not going to be your friend.

Yeah, a best friend is someone that you should feel comfortable with.

Yes u should tell him . Before some one elice does or he mite not be your friend anymore.

You should tell her, they should be ok with it because they are not in love with their cousin and plus if she is really your best friend it will be cool with her.

I think i should tell my friend that i like him and tell him that i like him too.but if she still goes out with him than she;s not a real friend

Usually you can just tell. If not, then ask them. They are your friend after all and they should trust you with their secrets.

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