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if he tells you he loves you & if you really mean it .

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Q: Should you tell him that your boyfriend that you love him?
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When Should You Tell Your Boyfriend That You Love Him?

When you do.

Should you tell your boyfriend you love him in an email?

No, tell your boyfriend that when he's with you in person.

Should you tell your boyfriend you love him?


When should you tell your boyfriend you love him?

When you truly believe you do love him.

Should you tell your crush that you love her if she has a boyfriend?

Tell her you love her and make a sexual advance

What do you do if you love someone but they have a boyfriend they love?

Well if you really do truly love this person, you should tell him/her. They may have a boyfriend, but maybe they secretly like you too. You should at least tell your true feelings to them.

How do you tell my boyfriend i love him?

If you mean how do you, meaning you not me, tell your boyfriend you love him, then you could just say "I love you" but if he's not your boyfriend but you like him I think saying "We should go out and do something sometime" would go better than I love you.

How much does you boyfriend love you?

he should tell he loves you if he really loves you

How you show your boyfriend you love him?

Tell him you should say 'You know I love you right?' he will know you love him always

What should you do if you love a girl and she loves you but she has a boyfriend?

wait till they breakup.or you should tell her to breakup with her current boyfriend if she does not have feelings for him.

What should you do when your boyfriend's ex girlfriend is sending him love messages?

I think you should talk to your boyfriend and tell him to have a little chat with his ex.

Your boyfriend is Christian but you are not what should you do?

Tell him that i love you for who you are but if you dont accept my religion then your not my guy.

What is the easiest way to tell your boyfriend you love him?

you tell him you love him

How should you ask your boyfriend to a formal?

When your talking with him tell him about the formal and tell him you would love it if he would take you.

How do you tell your boyfriend that you love him?

Try this, "I love you."

How do you tell boyfriend your in love with him?

Say "I love you."

How do you tell a girl who has a boyfriend that you love her?

Don't tell her you love her, tell her you like her.

How do you tell your boyfriend your inlove with him?

i love you

What do you do if you cheat on your boyfriend?

if you did cheat on your boyfriend you need to ask yourself, do you really love your boyfriend or this other guy (one you cheated on)? If you love your boyfriend you should tell him and talk to him and tell why you cheated on him. (was it something he did or said that made you feel like you needed to cheat on him) But if you don't love your boyfriend but you love the other guy then you should tell them both how you feel and break up with your current boyfriend. Talking is the best thing you can do. Decide what is best for you and be honest with him. Never lie because then you're relationship isn't real.

Should you tell this boy that you like him although you have a boyfriend?

yes you should probably tell him. But tell him that you have a boyfriend.

Should you tell her you love her even if she has a boyfriend?

How would than make you feel if you were the boyfriend and some guy was telling your girl friend that...i am not going to tell you yes or no, but you should think about that and then make a decision.

How should you tell your boyfriend of 6 days that im in love with him?

You shouldn't. Under any circumstances!

What should you do if your boyfriend wants to break up for your sake?

Tell him that you love him and that he does a lot for your relationship and that he is perfect.

What would you tell your boyfriend?

Tell him you love him (if you do) tell him you respect him (if you do) and tell him you are proud to be is girl (if you are). If you don't, or aren't, get a new boyfriend

What should you do if your mom and dad hates your boyfriend and they want you to leave him?

Mabe you should just tell them you love him........Tell them that he is smart and things you both have in common