Should you tell your ex you know he is a narcissist?



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No, to him you will just be calling him/her names. It doesn't mean anything to him/her. Just leave and have a good life. Have no contact with him/her any more... at all... not even a little otherwise he/she will suck you back in.


It wouldn't make any difference to him what you "know" about him. They will just deny it no matter what and accuse you of labeling them. Deep inside they know they are different from others, feel alien and might admit they are "sick" but fail to realize how it impacts others.

If you feel the need for closure you can confront him about his behavior towards you, etc. But know this, it is for your own peace of mind. It wont do him a damn bit of good but it might help you to validate yourself. Tell him off and get out of the way.

Far away.