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Friendships often blossom into love (at least by one partner.) Don't blurt it out, but say something like, "You know, we get along so well and have a blast together. What do you think of us going out on an actual date like other couples?" You're putting the ball in her court and she is going to either jump at the chance or she may tell you she's afraid of ruining your friendship. If this is the case say, "Well, why let what ifs stand in our way. Just for the heck of it let's give it a go because we may not know what we're missing." You may entice her into it or she'll stand her ground and want to remain friends and you have your answer, but your dignity is in tact. Put sexual contact on the back burner for now and keep the relationship simple and easy if you should start to date.

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When you have just met this guy you like but he likes your friend what should you do?

I think i should tell my friend that i like him and tell him that i like him too.but if she still goes out with him than she;s not a real friend

What should you do to show a boy you like them?

you should ask a friend to tell the guy that you like him or you should go up to him and tell that you like him.(because i did that with my crush)

Should i talk to a guy i like even after i had a friend tell him i liked him?

You should do that.

Should I tell my Indian friend that I like him by writing I like you in Hindi on a piece of paper?

no tell your Indian friend straight out that you like him.

Should you tell your best friend you like her?

If she is truly your best friend then absolutly tell her you like her. If you don't you will always wonder what if......

Should you tell your friend you're gay?

Yes. You should tell your friend that you are gay.

You like this guy but he is dating your best friend what should you do?

just tell him and get over it you should feel happy for her she is your best friend

Should you tell your friend you like boys?

If you are gay, no if not Yes

Should you have your friend ask the boy you like if he likes you?

No! You tell him!

What should you do if you and your best friend like the same boy?

Then Tell Your Friend That You Like Him First If She Says She Liked Him First Then Tell Her To BACK OF! Or You Wont Be Her Friend.

How do you know if your bo really likes you?

if you like him should should ask him to go out if you like him as a friend just tell him that.

If you have a guy friend that you really like and he thinks that you are just friends what should you do?

====== ====== You should tell him how you feel

Should you tell your friend you like her?

depends......but if u get 2 nervous get her to like you........

Should you tell your guy friend that you like him but then what do you do if he says no?

If you two talk to each other and he seems to like Bering with or near you, you should tell him but in a private

How do you tell your friend you feel like a third wheel or should i tell her at all?

i wouldn't,

I like a really like a guy but I think he does NOT like me because he told me he likes my best friend but my best friend does not like him. What should I do?

you should try to tell him that no body in the will like him like you.

What should I do if my friend is going to get marry and you like go out whit her Should I tell her that?

tell her before its too late !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. hurry!

What do you do when the boy you like is going out with your friend?

Tell him how you feel, and say why he should be with you and not her.

What should you do if your 2 guy friends like your best friend?

you should tell both of them to buzz off!

What should you do if you like your best friends ex boyfriend and you think he likes you back?

You should talk to your friend about it.If she was a true friend, she would respect that you like this guy.oh and go tell him.Go get your man! You should talk to your friend about it.If she was a true friend, she would respect that you like this guy.oh and go tell him.Go get your man!

Can you tell your friend to give your number to the boy you like?

You can tell your friend but you should ask them instead to be more polite.

How do you tell a friend who asked you out that you think of him only as a friend in the nicest way Should you wait till he asks you out again or should you tell him ASAP?

you should tell him/her that you like him/her but as a friend and don't be snotty be a nice person and tell them that maybe someday you could be more but as of right now you just want to be friends

What should you do if your friend is hanging out with the guy you like?

you should tell your friend that you like him and ask her to back off a little so that i can get to know him a little better please please

If you like someone should you tell him?

I would! Just say I like you. If not, just be friend with him.

What should i do if the guy i like is my best friend and he doesn't know i like him?

Just tell him that you like him ,