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Oh boy! This is a tough one. You sound like a nice guy, and love takes all sorts of twists and turns. It's to your best interest to tell your girlfriend and be honest. Yes, it will hurt her. If you haven't been seeing her girlfriend (I sure hope not) then perhaps her friend doesn't feel the same about you. So, to cut to the chase this is what you have to do: #1 Does your girlfriend's friend care about you. #2 If you haven't told your girlfriend's friend about your feelings the best advice is to walk on by and don't break-up a good friendship here. #3 Be honest with your girlfriend. Staying with her knowing how you feel is taking her dignity away and you're losing validity in yourself. Good luck Marcy

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Q: Should you tell your girlfriend you're in love with her friend?
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Should you break up with your boyfriend because of your friend even though you love him?

no,you should not because you love him not youre friend so you should stay with him.

What do you do if you love your best friend but you have a girlfriend?

Well, it depends on if you like your girlfriend, if your best friend is a girl, then trust me she should like you back.

What should you do if you fell in love with your girlfriend companion who is your friend?

tell her

What do I do if my best friend doesn't love me the same way I love him and he has a girlfriend?

If you truly love him you will want his full happiness. If he is meant to be with his girlfriend he should be with her, and if he is meant to be with you then be patient because love will find a way.

How do you tell your best friend you love them when they have a girlfriend?

You have to walk up to them, then begin to open your mouth and form the words "I Love You." and that should be about it really, its done. Who cares about his girlfriend.

What do you do if you have a girlfriend but you are in love with your best friend?

Then the real question is why isn't your best friend your girlfriend........?

Love my girlfriend but like my best friend my girlfriend cheated on me should i go out with my best friend?

Grow up, please. If you like your best friend, you don't love your girlfriend. You girlfriend cheating on you is not reason or justification for you to do it back. You didn't like being cheated on, did you? So why would you do it back? You obviously forgave her & tolerated it. If you can't, LEAVE YOUR GIRLFRIEND. Do not go out with your best friend if you're not single.

I think my girlfriend is falling in love with my best friend and I don't know what to do since I'm in love with her?

You should share your concern with your girlfriend and ask her directly that what she wants from your relationship. Also ask your best friend to help clear the matter. If he is also interested in your girlfriend then maybe its better to dump both of them. Since a true friend/girlfriend will never do so to you.

What does it mean when your girlfriend says I love you to her close male friend?

It shouldnt be hard to tell but it up to you to decide 'how' she said it. they are most likely just friends, i dont think you should worry :) friend- 'You do know that I love you right??' friend 'Oh my gosh! i LOVE you! :)' friend- 'love ya'

What will you do if your friend tells you he loves you but he has a girlfriend?

if he really does love you then he won't stay with his girlfriend

What does it mean when my guy friend whom has a girlfriend tells me he loves me as a friend?

This type of love is agape love, not romantic love.

How do you convince girk friend to?

If you love your girlfriend, you'll respect whatever she feels is uncomfortable to do. You could possibly talk to her about it and see why she isn't. Youre her boyfriend, she feels safe with you. Don't give her a reason not to.

How do you get over youre best friend who you've been in love with for over a year?


What a girlfriend wants from his boy friend?

sex _________________ love

What is the definition of a girl friend?

girlfriend means is a girl that you love.. sometimes it was your friend xD

Is it normal to feel like you're in love with your friend?

no it means youre heart has fallen for him/her what you sould do is tell her/him how you feel bout her/him and she/he might become youre girlfriend/boyfriend trust me i know what i did was buy her a bunch of roses and a box of choclate so dont let this haunt you tell him/her how you feel

What if you love your girlfriend but like your best friend?

well the question you should ask yourself is, who do i like more, who am i willing to lose? if u just met your girlfriend, but have known your best friend for a while, its a no brainer, who you should pick, but it all depends on who each person is to you.

What do you do when you fall in love with your best friend but he has a girlfriend who is also your friend and they say they're in love with each other?

Give them your blessings.

Is she your best-friend or your girlfriend?

Shes my girlfriend. And I love her very very much! <3

What do you do if you have a girlfriend but you think you are in love with some one else?

Be honest with your girlfriend. I have a friend who has a girlfriend but he is in love with his best friend, the longer you leave it then the harder it will get because your feelings for this 'someone else' will not disappear. Depending on how long you have been with your girlfriend it is the time to think whether you will later regret your actions or have any feelings for your current girlfriend. But in this case honesty is the best policy because no girl would or should be lied to if you are in love with someone else then tell your girl!

How do you I tell my guy friend that his girlfriend doesnt love him?

You don't.

What should you do if your best friend is also in love with your girlfriend and she says she loves you both?

Sounds like she is the one who needs to make a choice. Let them have each other. Find a new friend and girlfriend who come with less baggage and drama.

Your best friend stole your girlfriend only after you broke up for two days I still love her what should you do?

give her a kiss and run

You like my best friend he likes you to but he has a girlfriend and he does wont to break up with her because hes and love with her and you what should you do please help you?

forget him

What should you do you love your guy friend as a friend?

be friend