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Should you tell your mother if you are a 14-year-old boy who likes to crossdress?


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Yes you should because from the stories I've read it concerns a lot of mothers helping out there sons with crossdressing i am a 14 year old crossdresser also with no sisters though i have only told a few friends i cannot come up to my mother about it because our relationship isn't very good so its hard to go alone if your mother is understanding then yes go for it its been a few months now that I've found my passion but am having trouble with it because i cannot attain girl's clothing so it struggles me and makes me very frustrated if you confront your mom about this then she will likely get you your own wardrobe.

I've been trying to sew my own girl's clothes but it's not that great i love female attire and it kills me not to be able to wear any real girl's clothes like mini skirts tank tops and tight jeans and such also long hair is an issue if you could get a wig that could help you look more feminine that's really all i have to say so yea good luck.


Yes you should it is natural but make sure she understands that you are like that and that's something you can't change