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Should you use a one-handed or two-handed backhand in tennis?


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2005-10-14 01:58:40
2005-10-14 01:58:40

The answer is that it depends on the type of groundstroke you want to produce. Andre Agassi and Andy Roddick both use a two-handed backhand to create enormouse top spin and strength. However, it is more difficult to reach a wide range of shots. A one-handed backhand allows versatility and you can hit wicked slice with it.


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There ISN'T anything called a "backhand serve" in tennis.

a forhand and a backhand.

The opposite is forehand (as in tennis).

Tennis Channel Academy - 2008 The Backhand was released on: USA: 20 December 2009

Do you mean like the backhand and forehand?

when the ball comes on your backhand you would return it with your backhand. Don't always use your backhand though because as my coach told me. Backhand wins you points. Forehand wins you games and matches. Without a backhand you can't win though

Forehand Backhand serve volley smash

Serve, Forehand,Backhand, (Forehand)volley, (Backhand) volley,smash, (Backhand) slice. Two handed Backhand, one handed Backhand. And i think there is a Backhanded smash i thought i heard my tennis coach say that. Oh and there is a difference between a top spin forehand and just like a swing forehand which is like back then hit ect. ;)

I would have to say that for some the most challenging tennis drill could be learning the backhand technique. It can be difficult because doing anything with a backhand is difficult.

Backhand shots in tennis and badminton are very similar. What you do to play a backhand shot is to bring the hand holding the racket across your body and play at the ball/shuttle from there.

Forehand, backhand, serve, and volleys.

Most likely to improve the backhand. I couldn't imagine a backhand with a shorter handle.

Forehand,backhand,volley,and over hand

When the ball hits to your left hand if your right handed.

A backhand swing in tennis is using either one or two hands on the opposite side of your dominant hand to hit the ball. For example, if you have a two-handed backhand and you are right handed, you would swing at the ball with two hands on your left side. Thus, your backhand swing is on your left side with two hands.

like do you mean.... serve, volley, groundstroke, forehand, backhand? or can i see your balls, love means nothing in tennis? comment back and tell me if i helped!! like do you mean.... serve, volley, groundstroke, forehand, backhand? or can i see your balls, love means nothing in tennis? comment back and tell me if i helped!!

If I understand your question, the best way is to show what is referred as 'stroke technique'. For example: forehand to forehand topspin, backhand to backhand topspin, forehand to forehand push/underspin, backhand to backhand push, and so on. This way, the ball is keep in play for a longer period of time so as to demonstrate the technique that is needed to master it.

forehand and backhand are the main strokes there are also substrokes called slice cut lob smash.

deldoideus, Pectoralis, latissimus, biceps brachii

forehand, backhand,serves stroke, top spin, slice stroke. yes there are 5.

serve let volly forehand backhand backspin kickserve approach shot smash,slam

basic: forehand, backhand, serve, lob. advanced: topspin, slice, flat, and dropshot

Forehand, Backhand, Smash, Volley and Serve(which i dont think is counted as a shot)

Serve, ace, smash, forehand, backhand, volleys, slice, top-spin, doubles, singles.

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