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Don't wait for him! He is stringing you along and wants you around in case his life and other relationships don't work out the way he expected . If someone truly loves you then they talk about their fears of a future together (most young couples, especially men are afraid of marriage and commitment, but most take the plunge) and this guy should be no different. I hope you realize that if you have to wait for this guy to make a commitment (not put a ring on your finger) what would he be like as a steady boyfriend and perhaps a husband? Not good! He will run from all commitments in his life unless he grows up soon. Never had a relationship before? I highly doubt that. Kids are dating very young these days and although he may (and I say may very loosely) not had a sexual relationship, that doesn't mean you can't go steady and wait for a sexual relationship at a future date. Ditch this guy! Marcy

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What in an involved partner mean in relationship status?

someone who cares about the other person and cares about the relationship altogether.

Your ex-girlfriend left you a month agoshe treated you badly?

No one should be in a relationship with someone that treats you bad? If someone really cares about you, they will treat you with respect.

Why do you think you should be my boyfriends answers?

Because you'll never find someone cares for you as much as I do...that's your answer

You are just had surgery and your boyfriend who is in another country has only called once is this normal?

It is difficult to have a relationship with someone in another country. You should consider ending the relationship if he cares so little that he is not concerned about you.

How do you learn to control yourself from giving in too soon in a new relationship?

well you dont because if you think that it is wrong then dont do it and who cares it is just one relationship!well you dont because if you think that it is wrong then dont do it and who cares it is just one relationship!

Is the meaning of life death?

If someone is simply living to die then the meaning of life will be death. If a person is simply existing and there is no purpose to life then it can be said that he/she is simply living until it is time to die. For a person whose life is meaningless because he/she cares for no one or nothing and no one cares for him/her the meaning of life is death, because the world is dead to him/her and he/she is dead too the world. For as long as someone cares about someone or something and there is someone who cares about him/her then he/she should have a reason for living or a purpose in life.

What should you talk about when you're texting someone?

who cares! i dont.

What should you do if your lizard stops eating?

Ask someone who cares.

If you were in a serious relationship and your boyfriend cheated on you and is now in prison are you still together?

No, you definitely should have someone that loves and cares for you... baisically he should have never cheated on you. Also, you don't want someone that gets in trouble with the law. Don't worry the perfect guy will come along.

Why do relationships sour?

because people change their minds, they find someone else more attractive or compatible. there are lots of reasons, maybe you should ask someone who cares instead of the internet.

What should you do if your boyfriend always talks about himself?

You know, maybe you should really consider about finding someone else because really, think about it?? Do u want a man who is so stuck on himself? You should try to find someone who actually cares about you.

How can committing suicide be selfish to someone?

Because it deeply affects everyone that cares for you

Do girls want a controlling boyfriend?

Not usually. Girls usually want someone who cares and some freedom when it comes to a relationship. If you are to controlling in the relationship, you are probally going to lose her.

What are some mental action verbs?

Clearly, The king cares about the town of Barletta. In this sentence the word cares is a mental action verb because it shows what someone feels, not what someone does as action.

How do you get your boyfriend to show he cares?

If he hasn't showed you without you having to force him to, do you really think he is worth it? Because by the time you get married to someone that should be the least of your problems.

What should you do if your boyfriend is dating you and dating someone else and he saids he cares about you and cares about that other girl?

Break up with him if he cares about you that much it would be only you. There will be other guys in your life don't sweat it.

If someone says they care about you but dont want to be in a relationship what does that mean?

They are obviously not interested in a relationship at this time or they don't see you more than a friend, cares for you but not the way you would like.

What are the differences of veterinarians and doctors?

A doctor is someone who cares for Humans and a veterinarian is someone who cares for animals.

How do I get my girlfriend to be a slut?

You don't. You confess to her that you are an awful boyfriend and end the relationship so she can go and find someone who actually cares for her feelings.

What is the importance of social relationships?

Relationships are important because you know someone cares abiut you

What different beats are for a set of drums?

I have no idea. Ask someone who cares, because I don't.

My boyfriend of one year doesn't love me should I dump him and find someone who will love me?

girl, it's dumb to waste time on someone who doesn't love you. don't date for the fun of it, find someone who cares about you and who you care about.

Your boyfriend doesn't care about you what should you do?

If your boyfriend doesn't care about you, you should dump him. If he doesn't care, you are wasting your time. Find someone who loves you for you and cares about you. Not someone who doesn't.

What should friends be like?

Nice, friendly, supportive, caring, someone who listens, someone who cares, someone who you can have a laugh with, usually someone who likes the same things as you or has the same interests as you.

Why do you feel like someone is watching over you?

Whenever you may feel like someone is watching you it may be you making a uncomfortable feeling enter your mind because you may be lonely and in need of a companion, which is done subconsciously so you may think that someone is watching you but really its your conscience trying to make u feel as if someone cares about you enough to watch you, but if someone is in a relationship with you and you find that the relationship is empty its your mind giving you ques that you need someone that will actually take care of you.