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Don't wait for him! He is stringing you along and wants you around in case his life and other relationships don't work out the way he expected . If someone truly loves you then they talk about their fears of a future together (most young couples, especially men are afraid of marriage and commitment, but most take the plunge) and this guy should be no different. I hope you realize that if you have to wait for this guy to make a commitment (not put a ring on your finger) what would he be like as a steady boyfriend and perhaps a husband? Not good! He will run from all commitments in his life unless he grows up soon. Never had a relationship before? I highly doubt that. Kids are dating very young these days and although he may (and I say may very loosely) not had a sexual relationship, that doesn't mean you can't go steady and wait for a sexual relationship at a future date. Ditch this guy! Marcy

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Q: Should you wait for a someone who isn't ready for a relationship because he's never been in one but he cares about you and wants you to wait and says he'll be back?
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