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Should you wear a bra to bed?

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yep a double d

- I like to wear one when I sleep. I have large breasts and have been wearing a bra to bed since they grew in. I find that I get less soreness this way too.

--Well, it depends, if you feel comfortable in the bra and you are not getting marks on yourskin from the irritation, yes you can. Also, it is best that you do not wear an underwire bra to bed, as there are theories this can cause breast cancer. This is because the bra traps the toxins in breat tissue so they were not able to flow. This may not be true, but, as ever, it is best to be on the safe side. ( The Breast cancer statment should only apply to tight, heavy or underwire bra's)

my friends says it makes them go saggier
if you wear a bra in the day its ok but wearing one in the night can mishape your boobs

2013-03-13 21:21:47
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Should you wear bra to bed?

I think that it's okay to wear a bra to bed. Its not like its bad for you in any way, its just that it my be uncomfortable when your sleeping. You could just wear a sports bra or a cloth bra. --It is okay to wear a bra to bed as long as its not tight, or an underwire bra. As there are theories this causes cancer.

Should you were a bra to bed?

if you wear a bra in the day its ok but wearing one in the night can mishape your boobs

What do girls wear to bed?


Is it good for you to wear a bra to bed?

its up to yourself some times if you have a bra with wire around its extremely itchy in bed but i always wear one even in bed

Should I wear a bra with yoga tops?

your choice. if you do wear a bra, wear a sports bra

Is it wronge to wear a bra to bed?

Many people believe that is wrong to wear a bra to bed because it can cause strain on the back by wearing a bra. It can be good for the breast to have the support of the bra at night though it really is personal preference.

Is it ok to wear a bra to bed?

not if youre a tree

Do you have to wear a bra to bed if your a kid?

If you want to, I do, but you don't have to!

Should you wear a real bra at ten?

If you need a bra, you should wear one.

Why is it bad to wear bra to bed?

It's not. But you don't need to do it.

Why should a man wear a bra?

a man should always wear a bra because their very comfortable.

Till what time till girls of age 14 should wear bra?

When a girl should wear a bra is not based on a certain age. She should wear a bra when her breasts start showing.

Is it normal to wear a bra to bed?

Of course! Why not? I WEAR BRAS IN THE BED TOO! It's not good for the breast tissue to always be in a bra 24/7 so taking it off at night is better for them.

Should you wear bigger bras?

If your bra makes it hard to breath in, you should wear a larger band size bra. If your boobs don't fit in the cups of your bra, you should wear a larger cup size.

If you wear your bra to sleep can it stunt the growth?

No, wearing a bra to bed will not stunt growth of your breast. Breast development is a natural occurrence, what clothes you wear will not impact on that.

If your bra size is 30a should i wear a trainer bra or a cupped bra?

i think you should just wear a 30a cup sized bra. if you are a 30a then why do they make cup bra sizes in 30a if u shouldn't wear one? especially if you have breast buds you should definitely wear a cup bra because it protect that new soft tissue. so i would recommend a padded bra.

Why should you wear a bra?

for the craic

Should a 14 year old girl wear a crop top which is like a bra to sleep in during a sleepover?

First of all, you don't need to wear a bra to sleep. It bothers you during ur sleep, and it's bad for you. Second of all, doesn't really matter which bra you wear. If you normally wear a bra to bed, then wear one. I wouldn't wear a crop top, unless I was worried about my nipples showing through my shirt. I nice big T-shirt is the most comfortable thing to wear. well first if this is the only bra you have then wear it wear anything just wear a bra as long as its ok with you and you need it

Is it okay to wear your bra to bed?

You can if you want but the breasts are better off if you don't.

Is it safe to wear a bra to bed?

If you wear a bra to bed you run the risk of breast cancer, I'm not quite sure how it works, but the damage from the constant pressure on the breasts can, over time, be equal to a very harmful "punch".

What type of bra should a 13 year old boy wear?

Boys are not supposed to wear a bra!!!!

Should you wear a bra 10 years old?

i am ten and i wear a bra i think it is very normal

Should you wear a trainer's bra?

yes you should

Can a baby wear a bra?

A baby should not wear a bra. It would be bad for their growth and support to wear a constricting piece of clothing.

Is it bad to always wear a sports bra and never wear a regular bra?

No because your boobs might start to sag a little an you should wear a normal bra to prevent that.