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I think everyone should wear makeup, for four reasons.

Reason 1: Makeup lifts your mood. The London College of Fashion did a study of over 1000 women; 85 percent of them said they felt better about themselves and more self-confident when they wore makeup.

Reason 2: According to the same study, most women expect their female co-workers to wear makeup. Also, I have found through working in retail that female customers expect the women who wait on them to wear makeup. (At one store I worked at, we had three customer service desk associates. One wore no makeup. One wore a moderate amount and the third wore quite a bit. We had a lot of non-regular customers; they would go first to the heavily made-up clerk, then to the lightly made-up clerk and finally, when they got tired of waiting in line, to the clerk with no makeup. One day the three of us made up the fresh-faced associate, and she started getting lots of customers.)

Reason 3: Everyone needs some time to themselves every day. Unfortunately, demands of family and employer can keep you from getting any. If you wear makeup, you can use "mommy's putting her makeup on, and she'll be with you when she's done" as a near-perfect way to keep from being harassed for a few minutes.

And reason 4: It is fun to play with.

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Who should you wear your make up?

You have to wear make-up becausee it makes you look better and smexxiee x Make-up is to enhance your features and not to cover them up so you should wear make-up if you like it but not too much.

Why do ugly people wear make up as a false sense of beauty?

This really just depends on what you define as beauty. Why should people you consider to be ugly not have the right to wear make up? Why do women wear make up at all? Does make up define beauty? But this should be a answer, not even more questions. "Ugly" people wear make up because the majority of women do. And women need to wear make up because of superficial persons like you. You really should over-think your views.

Why do Goths wear scary makeup?

Goths wear make-up. YOU perceive it as scary. The question should be "why are you scared of Goth make-up?"

Should a ten year old wear make-up?

i wear make-up in the house wen nobody is in or if there is a boy i really like xx

What should you wear to attract a boys attention?

make- up

Are Sikhs allowed to wear make up?

Amritdhari (baptised) Sikhs should not wear make-up. Sikhi teaches that the true make-up is remembering God. Physical appearances are unimportant.

What make-up should make your brother wear as a punishment?

The brightest shades you have.

Should I wear make up?

Boys should always wear makeup because some don't look that good naturally

Should a girl start wearing make up at 12?

well...i'm 12 years old and wear soft make up probably we shouldn't wear heavy and dark make up.

Good time to wear make-up?

in high school because you are grown up in high school but it really depends on you look if your ugly don't wear make up if your pretty you should wear it will bring out your prettyness you will be beautiful.

Should 1 year olds wear make-up?

No! Absolutely not!! Girls should only start wearing make-up when they are about 18. THEN they can have a boyfriend. ONE boyfriend.

What make-up should a 9 year old wear?

No makeup. She is too young at 9 to wear it.

How much make up should an 11 year old wear?

None !

Students should wear make-up to school?

It's a simple answer no

Why do emos wear make up?

Yes they wear black make up!

Should girls in grade 5 wear make-up?

They should get permission from their parents. Also many schools do not permit it.

Should you wear lots of make-up?

I tend to prefer a more natural look myself.

Could 10 year old wear make up?

DEFINITELY NOT ON A REGULAR BASIS. No 10 year old should wear make-up everyday. However, I believe occasionally, they should be able to wear minimal amounts. Such as lipgloss, eyeshadow and blusher. No foundation or mascara.

Can pentecostal women wear make up?

Many Pentecostal women wear make up; only the very conservative Pentecostals do not wear make up.

How do you get your boyfriend to wear make up?

Well if he's a guy, I doubt you can get him to wear make-up. Its just a thing and you should just like him for his self-confidence and natural beauty. Remember that its whats on the inside that counts. Also, guys that wear make-up look ugly X(

Should boys wear make-up?

Only if he is goth or emo or dressing up as a vampire on Halloween LOL!!!!!

Do guys like it when girls wear eyeshaddow?

if you usually wear make-up then yes, but it's not a must. I think you should go with natural beauty if you don't really wear make-up. don't change for anyone. be yourself

How do you tell your mom you want to wear make-up?

Mom I want to wear make-up!!!!

What should I wear to a movie date and how much make-up?

I'd recomend a nice shirt and either pretty pants or jeans. I also would just keep the make-up to the normal amount you wear.

Should you wear make up in grade 8 even if you don't want to?

No, you shouldnt wear make-up, dont be so quick to grow up, dont worry about fitting it, I still dont wear make-up and im in high school and a sophomore, even though it covers zits, it also activates them.