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yes you should definitly with Basketball shorts but if ppl make fun of you wear boxers over them

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โˆ™ 2009-06-29 03:19:18
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Q: Should you wear tighty whities
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What age do boys wear tighty whities?

boys should start wearing tighty whities at the age of 10 i wear them and i'm 10

What age should a boy wear tighty whities?

a boy should wear tighty whities at the age of 10 cause i'm 10 and i just started wearing them

If you wear tighty whities how can you get a wedgie?

I have a friend that wears tighty whities, sometimes when we mess around I give him a huge wedgie.

What underwear does Devon Workheiser wear?

Tighty Whities [briefs]

What kind of underwear does Lucas Grabeel wear?

tighty whities

Do boys wear tighty whities?

some do and some dont

Does Joe Jonas wear tighty whities?

yes he does see

Does Jake T Austin wear tighty whities?


What type of underwear does Davis Cleveland wear?

Tighty Whities

Is it fun getting a wedgie in tighty whities?

yes it is very fun actually i get a wedgie everyday in tighty whities and its so fun and i'm only 10 you should act like a loser and wear tighty whities so you get a wedgie cause its really fun and relaxing

Does Clay Aiken wear tighty whities?

I think he wear the tight breifs

I wear tighty whities and I get bullied about it and I dont want to switch to boxers what should I do?

boxer briefs, nerd

Are tighty whities for boys or girls?

Boys-girls wear panties

What kind of underwear do Dylan and Cole Sprouse wear?

tighty whities.

What kind of underwear does nick Jonas wear?

Tighty Whities (Briefs)

What type of underwear should a 12 years old boy wear?

i'm 11 years old and i still wear tighty whities but i don't think there is a problem wearing tighty whities when your 12 years old. I also wear boxer briefs too.

What type of underwear does Jonathan Taylor thomas wear?

hanes tighty whities

Do cole and Dylan Sprouse wear boxers?

only on tv. but they actually wear tighty whities

What age should kids start wearing tighty whities?

I am 10 and i started wearing them last year so wear them at 9. Wear them to school nobody will make fun of you and change outside of the stall for gym when you change. Show your friends your awesome tighty whities

Do wedgies hurt?

yes it does if you wear tighty whities then it does hurt i wear tighty whities but you get to wedgies after you become a nerd then you get wedgies alot so if you are a boy wear boxers or boxer briefs if you are a girl you shouldn't get a wedgie girls should never get a wedgie it is just wrong if you know what huh huh

Does Joe Jonas wear underwear with mickey mouse or other cartoons on them?

probably not. but he does wear tighty whities

What kind of underwear does Bug Hall wear?

Tighty Whities worn in Skipped Parts.

Does Tony Stewart wear boxer shorts briefs or boxer briefs?

briefs/tighty whities

What do more men wear briefs or boxers?

American men wear briefs - about 10 to 1 over boxers. Umm No that's not right.. Most boys wear boxers..briefs are called tighty whities in America. And tighty whities wearers get wedgied all the time.

Is it still considered tighty whities if they are brown?