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Show qualities for Arabian halter horses?


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December 09, 2007 7:36PM

First, the halter horse should have no serious breeding faults...i.e. stallions need to have both testicles, the horse should not be parrot mouthed, it should have correct feet and legs, etc. Since no horse is "perfect" each animal is judged against an "ideal" with its' strengths and weaknesses taken into account. Ideally, you want a pretty head that attaches onto a well shaped neck -- by this I mean the neck needs to be longer on top than on the bottom with extra length through the poll area. (The neck should never be an "ewe" neck or "upside down" neck. Think of a swan and the way the neck looks as opposed to a duck's neck.) Good length of neck is desired but should be proportionate to the rest of the horse. The neck should be high set, coming up out of a laid back shoulder. (Many horses nowdays have a very straight shoulder.) Withers should be prominent. The back should be short (we see way too many long backed horses now in the ring) but the underline or belly needs to be long. The croup ideally should be long and level and the horse should have a high set tail. When viewed from the side, the horse should be as close to three equal pieces as possible (head/neck -- middle of body -- hip/croup) and give the impression of being as tall as it is long, or square as opposed to being long in the body and short legged like a rectangle. Attitude and movement also are taken into consideration. The horse should think well of itself without being vicious or timid. You should always present a clean, clipped and well prepared horse to a judge. Hope this helps some...