Signs before a ghost haunt you?

you feel a breeze. you see signs kind of like, dark figures and shadows, that's how you know that they are coming. and, if you see a white hand. they can turn invisible and uninvisible so it all depends. if it is uninvisible it is called a phantom. uninvisible is the same thing. you should see signs kind of like, a shadow that is not yours. theres a few signs, 1. you see white stuff floating around 2. if you feel scratch on your leg when nobodys there 3. if you see any cuts on you when your bleeding and nobodys there. it can be scary but, don't panic a ghost wont hurt you if you stay comm. just don't bother it, you can leave your house if it really bothers you or you can call a close friend and tell them about your problem. they can propably fix it for you. just stay okay. if its a good ghost you should see signs like, rainbows, sunshine or flowers. if its a bad ghost, then, you should see, thunder or lightning, if you see a ghost its usually just a sign of bad luck. DO NOT PANIC!!!! just make believe its not even there, youll be a okay!!!!