Signs of dog pregnancy

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Pregnancy in a female dog lasts nine weeks.

We determine the birthing date from the date of the first mating.

Some bitches will whelp (deliver their puppies) anywhere from day 59 to day 63.

As the owner, you will make no changes to her diet for the first 5 weeks.

Often, in the 3rd week after mating, she will go off her food for about 10 days.

You will notice that her vulva - the area around her vagina, did not return to the normal small size it was before mating, but looks rather enlarged.

There is normally no discharge during a pregnancy.

If you do see a discharge, then take her to the Veterinarian.

She may have an infection, or be losing the litter, or have developed a case of Pyometra, which, if left untreated, can kill her.

She needs a good exercise program, which involves a daily run to make sure all her muscles, including her uterine muscles, are in top condition.

She also needs a very high quality diet.

This is not the time to scrimp on her feeding formula.

Mother Nature tries to insure the survival of the species, so if the diet is lacking in any ingredient ,calcium or zinc for example, the developing puppies ( whelps) will take from the mother's body what they need to grow healthy, and therefore her body will become depleted.




At week 5, her nipples will become deep pink in colour, and you may notice that she is thicker around the waist and broader around the rib cage.

Now you should increase her feeding by 25%.

Give her a daily Vitamin supplement from your Veterinarian

At week 6, increase her feeding again by 25% and divide her feedings into 2 meals a day.

You will notice that she is sleeping a little more now.

At week 7, increase her meal amount again by 25%.

Begin making preparations for the arrival of the puppies.

Build a whelping box for her and put it in a quiet room where she will be undisturbed by other pets and people and in an area that is easy to keep warm.

If you are putting the whelping box in a basement, then buy heavy weight plastic drop cloths, to hang 'walls' from the ceiling or beams to keep the heat inside the whelping box area.

Decide how you will heat the area where the new puppies will be.

It needs to be about 85 degrees until they are 3 weeks old.

A baseboard heater will do the job, as long as the dog cannot get near the electical cord or get burned by the heater.

You'll need to have it out of reach.

You will need reams of newspapers for the puppy box.

At week 8, increase the feed again by 25%. She is now eating double her normal amount.

Begin feeding her 3 times a day now and make the exercise time shorter, but more frequent.

Walking will be very tiring for her and she is very uncomfortable through the last week of the pregnancy.

Begin taking her temperature rectally twice a day.

The normal dog temperature is about 100.3F - 101.3F.

It will normally drop to about 98. degrees F 8 - 24 hours before the onset of labour and she will refuse to eat or drink anything.


Although animal whelping is a 'natural event' this does not mean that the animal does not get into serious trouble if left unattended.

Mother and puppies frequently die because the owner thoughtlessly left her alone during this crucial time.

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Q: Signs of dog pregnancy
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How soon after mating does a dog show signs of pregnancy?

after you see her stomach bigger

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Phantom pregnancy is dogs is also called false pregnancy. During this the dog behaves as if she were pregnant. Signs of false pregnancy include the dog getting milk, nesting behavior, and she may carry around a doll or stuffed animal. She can sometimes be whiny as well.

What are the signs of pregnancy of a Jack Russell dog?

Well, they get fat, they have weird cravings, and they poo a lot.

What are the signs of dog pregnancy?

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What is the first sign of pregnancy in a dog?

Decreased appetite,activity, nipple growth, and changes in behavior are a few signs. More signs can be found in the related link below.

What are the signs of pregnancy in a dog?

She doesn't come in heat, she's restless and tries to dig dens and her stomach looks swollen.

What are the signs of pregnancy during ovulation?

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How do you know if your Staffordshire bull terrier is pregnant?

It can be quite difficult to detect pregnancy in a dog but it is important to know the signs and symptoms of pregnancy to ensure that you can give your dog the proper health care it needs. The most accurate way to know if your dog is pregnant is by taking it to the vet as a simple blood test and x-ray will give you a definite answer. But otherwise there are signs to look for in a dog-pregnancy. One way is to pay attention to the dog's eating habits. If she has a decreased appetite or has no interest in her favourite treats this could be a sign of morning sickness. Another common sign is vaginal discharge. Also if the dog has enlarged teats. Another sign is behavioral changes, where a normally active dog can become tired. Appearing uncomfortable or signs of general unrest can also be signs of pregnancy. You can also check your dog's stomach as it will appear enlarged or swollen. Lastly, look for signs of 'nesting', as this is the dog's way of getting ready for the birth and care of the puppies. She may scratch the floor or blankets to fluff them.

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How far along is dog pregnant if milk comes out of nipple?

A dog is pregnant for about 60-63 days. In the beginning, a dog can be in heat for weeks to about a month! In heat, her nips are usually very swollen even bulging. The bulging doesn't have to last throughout the whole pregnancy, but usually a few DAYS before a b***h gives whelps (gives birth) milk can excrete from her nips. However, a dog can have what is called a false pregnancy when she is still showing all the signs but it could be due to her "heat". Heat signs and pregnancy signs are very similar.

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