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Simba is a Swahili word that means Lion. And the lion is the King of the jungle.


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No, Simba means "lion" only in Swahili.

No, in swahili, the word lion is simba, like from the lion king, simba=lion.

Yes. It means a lion in Swahili. Yep, it means lion. I know that from reading the sides of the Wildlife Yoghurt Tubes XD

The word animal comes from the Latin word animalis. It means to be alive or be animated. Usually, it means something that moves and breathes.

The word king means ruler, overlord, or master.

maha-rājān means great king

Animalis is the genitive of "animal", which means "animal". (In the genitive = "of the animal".)

Simba is lion in Swahili. It's for this reason that the main character of Disney's The Lion King (1994), a young lion, is named Simba. The movie uses several Swahili words and phrases that the writers learned while researching for the film.

The word "rex" means king. The T is short for Tyrannosaurus, which means 'tyrant lizard' So the name as a whole means "tyrant lizard king."

A US word that means an animal found on the road dead is roadkill or road kill.

The Swahili word for lion is "simba".

The Latin word animalis means "of an animal" or "of the animal".

The word for king in French is leroi. Ex: Le roi soleil The sun king.

The word lupine means of, or like, a wolf.

The Latin word "animale" which means "living being"

Shah is Persian Word and means: King. Shah Rukh Khan is a name of Indian Actor. He is the King of Bollywood.

Zoo - means "animal" or "animal-like"

The Persian title for king was the word "Shah." There was also the title "Shahanshah" which means King of Kings and also "Padishah" which means Great king.

Lord is a masculine word and usually means king. However, lordship could refer to the king and queen. But usually king.

Mansa - it means king, sultan, or emporer.

rex literally means king or queen. the word rex originated from Latin and in latin means king or queen.

Zec is a Serbian word, and it means rabbit.:)

If you mean the Arabic word, it means animal.

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