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Similarities between physical and chemical properties?


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They both are different kinds of air.

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both of them occur to the matter in all its state

Chemical changes include changing the matter physical changes do notchemical properties:reactivity with acidbonding tendenciescombustibilityphysicals propertiestemperature of boilingtemperature of meltingdensityIt is difficult to state the similarities as the two concepts are very different.

A chemical change is when the chemical properties of a substance changes and a physical change is when the chemical properties stay the same but the physical properties (shape, temperature etc...)

Physical properties use your senses and chemical properties are when you mix two chemicals together.

*isomorphic have different chemical and physical properties and poly morphous have same chemical and physical properties

The physical properties of matter include the chemical properties as well as the familiar (density, conductivty, weight, etc) and nuclear properties of matter.

Physical properties can be observed without changing the chemical composition of a substance. Chemical properties can only be observed by changing the chemical composition of the substance. In a physical change, the chemical composition of the substance does not change. In a chemical change, the chemical composition of the substance changes.

Physical properties are properties that do notchange the nature of matter. Chemical properties are properties that do change the nature of matter.Physical changes are reversible. Chemical changes are irreversible.So a rusting nail and making toast would be chemical changes because they are irreversible.

A chemical change is a transformation by the intermediate of chemical reactions.A chemical property is a characteristic of a substance.

physical property happens by itself or from things in nature. chemical property happens by outside.

A physical change changes the physical properties of an element like color where chemical changes change the chemical properties of an element and usually can't be undone.

physical propertie is the charectoristics of a substance that one can observe and theb chemical properties are the charectoristics that one cannot reverse their reaction

The chemical and physical properties of a compound are different than those of the elements from which it is formed.

A physical property can be observed without changing the material's composition. A chemical property can only be observed when a chemical change takes place.

Well obviously, a physical change and a chemical change both envolve changing of state

well you know.......... why dont u tell me

Physical properties of matter are those that can be seen or measured without changing the substance into something else. Chemical properties tell how the substance forms new substances when it reacts with something else.

All physical and chemical properties are different.

A bioisosterism is a relationship between bioisosteres, substituents or groups with similar physical or chemical properties that impart similar biological properties to a chemical compound.

Chemical changes alter the chemical makeup of a substance... physical changes only change the way something looks, it does not modify the chemical properties.

A chemical change produces a new substance with different properties.

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