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Greece will go first and last.

Greece will come in first and last - the flag will be carried into the stadium first, and the team will come meanie bobini

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Q: Since Greece always goes first and the host country always goes last will Greece be first or last in the Athens Olympics Parade of Nations?
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What country was the first Olympics?

Athens, Greece

In what country the Olympics originate?

The Olympics started in Greece , and the first game was held in Athens.

Which country hosted the 1896 Olympics?

It was Athens, Greece.

The first Olympics were held in what country?

Athens in Greece

What country hosted the 2004 olympics?

It was Athens, Greece.

What country did the first Olympics take place?

The Ancient Olympics began in Olympia, Greece in 776 BC. The Modern Olympics began in Athens, Greece in 1896.athens,greeceThe Olympic Games were started in Ancient Greece.

What country did the Olympics take place in 2004?

Athens, Greece.

Which country made the Olympics?

Athens Greece and then France came up with the modern Olympics

In 2004 which country held the Olympics?

In 2004 Olympics held in Athens,Greece from 13to29 august

Which country leads the Parade of Nations?

In the 2014 Winter Olympics Greece led the Parade of Nations. The country that leads the Parade of Nations changes each Olympics.

Do they ever have the Olympics at Greece?

Yeah! the Olympics started in Greece! Athens,Greece.

Who hosted the 2004 Summer Olympics?

Athens, Greece.Athens, Greece.

What country won the gold medal at Olympics in Athens 2004?

do you mean who one the most medals in the Olympics 2004? if u do then i think it was Athens/Greece

Where is the Olympics in Greece?


What country hosted the 2004 Summer Olympics?

Greece.The 2004 summer Olympic Games were held in Athens, Greece.

Where were the Olympic games held in 2004?

Athens, GreeceThe 2004 Summer Olympics were in Athens, Greece from 13-29 August.Athens, Greece.The 28th Olympic Games were held in the birthplace of the Olympics: Greece (specifcally, Athens).

In what country were the first Olympic games?

the first Olympics were held in Athens, Greece in 1896.

Where were the Olympics in 1896?

Athens, Greece.

Where was the 2004 Olympics?

Athens, Greece

Where was the olympics in 1896?

Athens, Greece.

Where was the ancient Olympics at?

Athens, Greece

Where did the Olympics in 1896?

Athens in Greece

What country is the Athens in?

What country is in the Athens in? GREECE

In what country is Athens Greeces capital located?

Athens is in Greece. Greece is a country.

What are Athens Greece famous for?

As far as i know Athens Greece is famous for the Olympics held there in 2004