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Since a drop-kick for a field goal can be attempted at any time can a defender who has intercepted a pass also attempt a drop-kick?

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NO! A defender that intercepts a ball can not attempt a drop goal. This is not legel since the ball must be 'behind the line of scrimmage'. This implies that only the offense could do it... Sort of. Never really thought about it. The drop kick is simply a field goal. A field goal is a kick through the uprights taken from the ground (rather then a punt, which is taken from the hand). A drop kick is simply a field goal that is only on the ground very momentarily... That's correct. In Rugby, a dropkick can be attempted at any time, but in American football, kicks can only be taken from behind the line of scrimmage. If a defending player intercepts, his team has no line of scrimmage -- it wouldn't be established for the next play until he was tackled. Canadian football still allows kicks from anywhere on the field, however, so in the CFL, a defender could attempt a dropkick.

2009-04-27 21:19:57
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