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Since every parent lies to their kids that Santa Claus exists does that mean every Christian lies?

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2016-11-13 05:42:35

Before I can answer this question, I should ask whether lying is

always a sin. Is telling a lie in order to avoid evil a sin?

Supposing a person bent on murder asked where his intended victim

is, would you answer truthfully or would you send him to the wrong

place? Saint Augustine would say that even in this circumstance,

you must tell the truth, but most people would admire the

successful liar.

If I have explained that lying need not be wrong (unless the

intention is wrong), then I can say that telling a young child that

Santa exists is telling a lie to which no guilt is attached. Most

Christians I know, as well as millions of non-Christians, do


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2011-09-13 14:18:21

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First of all, not every parent, Christian or not, tells their

children that Santa exists. There are some parents who, for one

reason or another, do not tell their kids that there is a

rolly-polly man in a red suit that lives at the North Pole and

brings presents in a sleigh pulled by reindeer on Christmas Eve.

However, for the vast majority of parents who do tell their kids

that Santa exists, it is technically a lie if they portray him as

described above and say he brings presents on Christmas Eve. That,

of course, is not only true for the Christian parents, but

non-Christian parents as well.

In a broader sense, though, I would consider it to be a harmless

Christmas tradition, except, of course, in very rare cases

of children who believe it actually has harmed them for life. In

those cases, I believe the probability that other psychological

factors exist that have contributed to the harm are extremely



How do you know every parent tells their kids that Santa Claus


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Very few of the Christians I know tell their children about Santa

either. He is a non-existent being, with many of the attributes of

the true God, who IS true. We want to promote trust not distrust

and to point children to a God who is really there for them.

"Lump_of_coal_for_Christmas" id="Lump_of_coal_for_Christmas">Lump

of coal for Christmas

Most kids grow up and gain enough wisdom and sense to tell that

there aren't any boogeymen or santa Claus or monster in the closet.

Usually, as he said before, they aren't traumatized by being

lied to about those things, for they are bedtime stories that are

just as real as Goldilocks and the 3 Bears.

Though, it is better for the parents to become their kid's Santa

Claus, so that they know who it is, or they will eventually, who is

giving them their presents.

Although, I fault my parents for letting me pick my own presents

and forcing me to watch them get wrapped up and get stuck under a

tree for a month! That was traumatizing for sure!

Another view

My wife and I spoke about Santa around the kids, but made sure

the kids knew the true meaning of CHRISTmas as the celebration of

the birth of the Savior Christ.

Christian Christmas

The Christian Christmas is actually the celebration of the birth

of Jesus Christ, not the celebration of Santa Clause. The holiday

of Saint Nicholas is a European holiday where presents are left in

or around shoes by the Saint who loved children. He was actually of

the Christian faith. In America, these traditions have blended into

our American Christmas. ( I have yet to see Saint Nicholas

portrayed as over weight ) If you would like to know more about

Saint Nicholas, try for further


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