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The above link has a variety of scenarios that fit your question. Hope this helps.


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I really think you should pay a visit to your doctor and get it checked out. It might be normal discharge, but it never hurts to have the advice of a professional.

No one know.... Since he's disappeared...

If the rate is constant, then measure the volume and note the time. Then take a second measurement and note the time. Subtract the two volumes to get the change in volume (it will be negative since the tank is discharging, but since we want the discharge rate, it will be expressed as a positive number). Next subtract the two times to get the change in time.Discharge rate = (change in volume) / (change in time).

International human rights agencies and media are mentioning that about 800 people have been disappeared from Pakistan since 2000 due to the suspicion of having links with terrorists and supporting them.

It has disappeared from his finger. No one has found it ever since.

The Porsche disappeared in 1958 and hasn't been seen since

Since a year has 12 months, just divide by 12.Since a year has 12 months, just divide by 12.Since a year has 12 months, just divide by 12.Since a year has 12 months, just divide by 12.

Constant, perhaps scalar constant. Since you could have a constant vector or other object, as well.

I have 3 credit cards since my Bk was discharged 18 months ago. Always pay before the due date. Have had a checking account for 18 months also, no overdrafts. My credit score is still only 650. Any advice?

No, but it can be dangerous since an electrostatic discharge can lead to explosions.

It is possible you are pregnant. As long as you have had a period since your miscarriage you know that your cycle is back on track. A brown discharge could be anything. Take a preg test and be sure.

Since I've been on depo I've had a lot of clear discharge that smells unusual too

The capacitor can discharge over the connecting wires; i.e., outside the capacitor. Some discharge can also occur over the dielectric, since it will not insulate completely.

Islam is a religion. It does not have a President. Historically, it had an equivalent to the Pope, a Caliph, but this has disappeared since 1936.

The question cannot be answered since "common constant factor" is not a recognised expression.

No, constant velocity implies constant speed. But velocity can change even when speed remains constant, since speed is a scalar quantity but velocity is a vector quantity.

It's not known since there are no species in zoos that have completely disappeared in the wild to our knowledge.

I'm sure it is. I not, we're in this together. I am 13 and have had discharge since I was 10 but still no period.

im 9 months but you'd be 8 months since you are 35 weeks.

No. Velocity is the combination of speed and direction. If it is constant, then both the speed and direction are constant. On the other hand, velocity can vary even is speed is constant, since the direction can change.

As of December 18, 2011, 2.355 months have passed since October 7, 2011.

Nearly 11 months since I'm answering this question. November 23rd

Since she disappeared and nobody knows for sure the exact day she died, it is possible only to say that when she disappeared in July 2, 1937, she was 39 (close to 40 - with a Birthday at July 24).

The time constant is equivalent to 1/(R*C); since C (the capacitance of the capacitor) is not changing, yes, the charging and discharging times will be the same, provided the Thevenin resistance is the same as well - if you charge a capacitor using a AA battery, then remove the battery, and discharge through a resistor, you have changed the Thevenin resistance, thus the discharge time will NOT be equal.

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