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The above link has a variety of scenarios that fit your question. Hope this helps.

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Q: Since i gave birth i have had a constant milky like discharge i have smelt a foul odor from it once for like 2 weeks then disappeared my son is 10 months what could it be?
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Is it ok to have brown discharge a year after an abortion. I have been getting Depo shots for 9 months but every since I had that abortion I have had brown with tissue like discharge does any one know?

I really think you should pay a visit to your doctor and get it checked out. It might be normal discharge, but it never hurts to have the advice of a professional.

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Since I've been on depo I've had a lot of clear discharge that smells unusual too

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Since I was a little girl I had a discharge and it had nothing to do with arousal. I am 27 now an I still have this discharge. Some of the times it had to do with infections and some times there was nothing wrong with me but I still had a discharge. So don't worry it is very normal.

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