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Before beginning the job, make sure you acquire a three fingered oil filter wrench and a suitable pan to drain the old oil into along with a container to take it to the recycling center. To begin, remove the oil filler cap located on the top of the valve cover to vent the crankcase. Then, crawl under your front bumper and slide your drain pan under the drain plug that you will see on the very bottom of the oil pan. Always remember: RIGHTY TIGHTY, LEFTY LOOSEY. Undo this nut and then let the oil drain into the pan. While waiting, move to the front of the engine and with the three fingered oil filter wrench, undo your oil filter. Be careful not to spill the contents out on the drive. You did remember to put down cat litter to absorb any spillage, right? By this time your crankcase should be emptied and you may re-install the drain plug. Make sure to wipe away any oil on the outside of the pan. You may now move to the front of the engine and install your fresh oil filter. Remember to wipe the rubber gasket in the top of the filter with a bit of clean oil before installing. Also, wipe the inside of the filter housing of any old oil you may see. You may find it helpful to have a six inch extension on your 3/8 drive ratchet while removing and installing your filter. If you have one a little longer, that's OK too. The oil filter should be tightened down 1/4 turn after the gasket contacts the seating area of the oil filter housing. Now, you may fill your crankcase up with oil, making sure you abide by the owners manual recommendations. Put your oil through a funnel into the hole in the top of the valve cover, put the cover on, start engine and check for leaks. All OK? You've just spent about fifteen minutes and saved about $25.00. Not too shabby. Don't forget to check your air filter, tire pressure, and, while you're under the car, any leaks from exhuast system or power steering, radiator, etc.

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Q: Since the 10000 mile service on a RAV4 seems to be not much more than an oil and filter change can you do this yourself and how is it done?
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