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It SHOULD be able to handle a modern shell, however, it has had a century to deterioriate so if it has not had regular care and cleaning it may not be safe, particularly if it has damascus barrels. I'm not sure if damascus was an option on the Model 1900, but it was offered on other doubles Remington was still offering at the time. Have a competent gunsmith check out any older firearm before you fire it and be sure he measures the chambers to be sure it can use 2 3/4 inch shells and is not chambered for 2 9/16. If the 'smith approves the gun's condition, don't use any magnum shells or steel shot. PS. If this gun is highly engraved, don't shoot it, take it to an experienced Remington collector or dealer for an appraisal. I have a 1900 that I restored. The barrels were lightly pitted inside. Had them polished and then had thin wall choke tubes installed as I was not concerned with collectors value. It is simply a great handling field gun.The 1900 was offered in both Damascus and Steel barrel versions. The laminated steel/Damascus is meant ONLY FOR BLACK POWDER LOADS....PERIOD. NEVER use SMOKELESS POWDER SHOT SHELLS IN DAMASCUS BARRELED SHOTGUNS.....EVER!!!!!!you will wind up in a bad state of affairs as soon as you pull the trigger.As the other gentleman suggested...have it checked out by a COMPETENT gunsmith familiar with such arms as this.Preferably, someone who specializes in restoration of this type of shotgun. I took the process slow and easy, it now looks as good or better than when it left the factory and shoots like a dream.You have a great shotgun made by a great company...treat it well and it will last another hundred years...I use modern Remington field loads in mine.

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Why is it important to ensure your muzzle loader can handle modern smokeless powder as a propellant?

When using a muzzle loading gun it is important to ensure that it can handle modern smokeless powder because of the greater amount of force produced by smokeless powder as opposed to using the black powder that the muzzle loader was intended for.

How do you take apart a Remington 700 bolt handle off?

The Remington model 700 bolt handle is part of the bolt body and this is a one piece forging.The only way to remove the bolt handle is to cut it off at the bolt body.

How do you get cross pin out of bolt handle on a remington woodsmaster 740?

After the bolt carrier is removed, the pin is driven straight down to remove.

Assemble and disassembly of the Remington nylon 66?

The first trick is to pull the plastic handle straight out. Otherwise the receiver cover can't be removed.

Is there a 22 cal rifle that will shoot 22 short ammo along with the long and long rifle?

Most .22 BOLT action, pump and LEVER action rifles that are fed from a tube magazine will handle shorts, longs, and long rifles. Remington produced several auto loaders that wil handle mixed ammo- the Remington 550 may be the best known.

How long are you high from smokeless tobacco?

You do not get high but get a strong buzz. It all depends on the brand since some are stronger then others. For me grizzly will last me about thirty minutes. It also depends on what your body can handle and what you are used to

How do you store guns in the home without a gun cabinet?

Put trigger locks on the weaponsTrain your kids to safely handle weaponsSecure your ammunition and empty your weapons

Is 22 short the same as 22 short black powder?

No. Mosern .22 shorts are loaded with smokeless powder. .22 short black powder is loaded with just that - black powder. Smokeless powder develops higher pressures than black powder and should not be blindly used without some confirmation that the gun will handle the pressures. Consult a local gunsmith.

HOW DO THEY Compare 44mag. caliber rifles to 45 colt rifles?

I'm not sure what you are asking. The ballistics of the 44 Mag tend to be higher because the allowable pressures of the 44 Mag are higher than the 45 Colt. This is because the 45 Colt was originally a black powder cartridge and smokeless powder ammunition sold today must be useable in any gun that will chamber it - whether it is a first generation Colt Single Action Army or a 2007 Ruger Blackhawk. The 44 Mag wasn't invented until 1955 and was originally a smokeless powder round. Any gun chambered for it is built to handle the higher pressures and thus higher muzzle velocities. Rifles chambered for .45 Colt are a modern configuration and will handle the higher pressures of modern ammunition however commercially sold ammunition must still meet the limitations discussed above. If you look at load data for both cartridges you will see the 45 LC can be loaded to higher speed with the same weight bullet. The 454 cassule is a longer version of the 45lc. this protects the old pistols from blowing up with hot cartridges. If you have a newer 45 lc it can pass the 44 mag with proper loaded ammo. Do not try to hop up the load for a 45 LC to match or exceed a 44 mag the cases are thinner and the guns are made to shoot modern 45 lc ammunition how ever the pressure rating are still much lower than the 44. You can load a 45 colt to match a 44 but it could be your last time loading anything!

How do you dissassemble a 740 Remington woodsman rifle barrel?

Once you have the forearm removed you need a special spanner wrench to remove the tube/nut below the barrel. The bolt handle pin is then drifted out of the bolt and then the bolt handle can be removed from the bolt body. The barrel will now come out the front end of the receiver.

Can ruger p95dc 9mm handle plus p ammo?

From the Ruger website: What type of ammunition should I use in my Ruger 9mm pistol? The Ruger 9mm pistols are chambered for the 9x19mm NATO Parabellum (9mm Luger) cartridge, compatible with the U.S. and foreign military or commercial 9x19mm loads manufactured in accordance with NATO, U.S., SAAMI, or CIP standards, including high-velocity, subsonic, tracer, hollow point, ammunition loaded in aluminum, steel, or brass cartridge cases, +P and +P+ ammunition.

Can a ruger sr9 handle a plus p?

From the Ruger website: What type of ammunition should I use in my Ruger 9mm pistol? The Ruger 9mm pistols are chambered for the 9x19mm NATO Parabellum (9mm Luger) cartridge, compatible with the U.S. and foreign military or commercial 9x19mm loads manufactured in accordance with NATO, U.S., SAAMI, or CIP standards, including high-velocity, subsonic, tracer, hollow point, ammunition loaded in aluminum, steel, or brass cartridge cases, +P and +P+ ammunition.

What ammunition will a JC Higgins Model 88 pistol handle?

22 short long or long rifle this is a 9 shot 22 cal. revolver made by High Standard 1955 to 1962 1955 through 1963

What does a charging handle on an airsoft gun do?

for most guns they are just for decoration...an airsoft rifle is a 1 : 1 replica of the real deal...when you say charging handle I am assuming you are reffering to an M4/M16 varraiant. the charging handle on these models are how you would load the ammunition in to the gun to be fired. (Cocking it) on airsoft for most part it is a non funcionting piece some models by pullint the charging handle lets you access the hop-up. again it all comes down to the brand and make/model of the gun.

Remington 22 pistol with pearl handle two shot?

Remington NEVER made a two shot 22 pistol (6,5, and 1 shot), the only 2 shot they ever made was the model 95 (double derringer) and this was always in 41 rimfire, about 15 variations from 1865 all the way to early 1930's. There were foreign clones/copies made that actually even said Remington on the top but they are not. Really would need a photo to make any further identification.

How does one remove the bolt from the breech of a Remington model 740 Woodmaster?

Removing the bolt handle is a bit involved. If you slide the ejection port dust cover back and forth slightly until the cut-out on the top of the dust cover is over the bolt handle top you will see the end of a pin. This pin holds the bolt handle in place in the bolt. Unless you have the ability to completely take-down this rifle and then re-assemble it to working order, and have the tools to do so, it is NOT recommended you remove the bolt handle retaining pin.

Name of the square in the lower-right corner of a selection that is used to copy cells in Excel?

The Fill Handle.The Fill Handle.The Fill Handle.The Fill Handle.The Fill Handle.The Fill Handle.The Fill Handle.The Fill Handle.The Fill Handle.The Fill Handle.The Fill Handle.

What are the types of hacksaw handle?

file or straight handle, pistol grip handle and woodsaw handle

Is handle a noun?

The word 'handle' is both a verb (handle, handles, handling, handled) and a noun (handle, handles). Examples: Verb: You can handle the mail and I will handle the phone calls. Noun: Be careful, the handle on that pot is cracked.

What staight handled bolt action rifle was produced in 1917 by reminton?

Remington produced the Mosin-Nagant rifle in 7.62mm X 54R caliber for Russia in 1916 and 1917 that had a straight bolt handle that stuck straight out the right side of the action.

How do i assemble a rohm rg 63 double action revolver?

You need the help of a gunsmith [Edited by crazy_driver] If you can manage installing the loading gate, hammer, trigger, and tightening the barrel, which will be loose if the gun has had any use in the last 40+ years of its existence, then you should be able to handle the most difficult part: Install the long heavy spring located in the handle pushing on the hammer. This last step required me to drill extra holes in my bench vice so I could pretension the spring for placement. If this is beyond your gunsmithing skills, the operative word here is "gunsmith" like the advice of the first answerer. [Edited again by crazy_driver] WARNING: Do not drop especially this (or any) gun. Murphy's law dictates any dangerous spring loaded weapon will land on its weakest part. For this gun in question, that would be the handle. Any large abrupt shock to the frame and handle significantly larger than the minuscule recoil of the ammunition it is designed for, will cause most or all of the handle to separate or break in two places simultaneously, top and bottom of the handle, away from the frame. The largest spring in the gun, by far, is located between the handle and frame. When the handle and frame separate, this spring amplifies this force by a magnitude in a random direction comparable to that of tossing a round of ammunition in a fire. You don't know when its going to pop. You don't know where its going to pop. But when it does pop, you know it is going to be violent and you don't want to be in the way. But at least it cant be as bad as a bullet in the fire. How do I know? Just ask me. I'm happy mine had no ammunition in it when I dropped it. Happy shooting

Can a Winchester 30 WCF produced in 1931 stand up to modern 30-30 Ammunition Loadings?

Yes, it can. The Winchester Model 1894/94s manufactured from 1895 through 2006 can all safely handle modern manufactured 30-30 ammo.

How do you install door handle 2007 Buick Rendezvous?

Inside handle, outside handle, sliding door handle?

What does clips mean in war?

Clip(s) is a term used to describe a metal retainer that binds several rounds of ammunition together so that it may be rapidly loaded into a firearm. Not to be confused with the term magazine, which is a container that holds ammunition on a ship or a enclosed box which contains ammunition under tension of spring metal, such as inserted into the handle of a pistol. Clips are used in the M1 Garand rifle, the primary battle weapon of the United States Armed Forces of the WW2 era. The M1 Garand held 8-7.62mm(.30-06) rounds in clips, this was the last rifle in the US arsenal to use clips, modern firearms typically use magazines which better protects the ammunition. Source(s): My 20+ years of firearms experience, general knowledge.

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