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you need to push the collar in towards the line and it will release Sometime they are different from year to year. You might have to buy the tool that is used for that quick disconnect fitting.

2008-11-08 21:12:42
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How do you remove a shrink-fitted collar from a shaft?

heat the collar

How do i change the air filter on a 1998 Honda 1100 shadow?

the air filter is located under the gas tank, remove the tank, and change the air filter. SOME air filters are reusable however.

How do you remove battery from a 2007 Honda Shadow 750?

Remove the seat. The battery is under a cover right under the seat and next to the gas tank. Remove negave terminal first, then positive terminal. Release strap holding battery. Pull out battery.

What is the best way to remove high copper levels from water coming into a condo from the copper pipes leeching it into the supply?


Why are you getting water in the fuel filter on a 1996 dodge ram 3500 diesel?

If you are getting water in the fuel filter, it is coming from your fuel tank. You will need to remove and clean the tank.

How to change oil on a Honda shadow motorcycle?

Find something to contain the engine oil Put it under the bikes oil drain plug Remove the oil drain plug Remove the oil filter Lightly coat the O-ring of the NEW oil filter with clean oil Install the new oil filter Once the oil coming from the bike has slowed to a drip replace the oil drain plug fill with the recommended amount and type of engine oil you are done.

How do you remove the plastic clamps holding fuel filter located on a 2003 Toyota Sienna?

These are called quick release clamps. There is a tool made by the lisle company # 37000 to remove them however, you can remove them with your fingers. Grasp the white plastic collar and squeeze as hard as you can while pushing the clamp in towards the filter. Then just as quickly pull back on the clamp and it will release. They can be a pain.

The oil filter is mounted upsidedown so how do you keep oil from coming out of the oil filter on a 2000 Toyota solara 4-cylinder when you remove it?

You don't. The oil will flow out when you remove the filer. Just have the catch pan ready to collect the oil.

How do i remove the air filter on a fiesta mk6?

To remove the air filter on the Fiesta MK6, first remove the bolts on the top of the air filter box. Then, pull upward to remove the rubber gasket around the box. Remove the screws at the rear of the box. Remove the filter and replace it.?æ

Where is the oil pressure switch on 1995 Honda civic?

It's located right above the oil filter. It has two wires coming out of it with a black boot around it. Remove the oil filter to get to it easier.

How do you remove oil filter from 2008 Jeep Liberty?

It unscrews counter clock wise. <---By far the best answer ever! But to add to it. The filter is probably the EASIEST to reach filter on any car I have ever owned. It's at the very bottom of the engine where you can put your hand or any filter removal tool on it and get it off easily. BE CAUTIOUS HOWEVER TO REMOVE THE FILTER CAREFULLY AS THERE WILL BE OIL (possibly HOT) COMING OUT WHEN YOU unscrew it. (The filter is nearly vertical.)

How do you replace a oil filter on a suzuki xl-7?

I have an 03 XL7 and the only way I could get to the filter was to remove the 2 bolts from the steering clamp/collar . Then slide the clamp down ( be sure to put witness marks with a paint marker or a scratch awl on the shaft and clamp/collar for proper install ) to release the 2 shafts from one another . Now you can get your hand in there for filter removal ....use caution when putting in new filter , and be sure the threads are clean and that not to cross thread the thing .

How do you remove oil filter housing Saturn l300?

The Oil Filter on this car is what is called a "clip-in" filter the way you remove it is to simply have the correct sized wrench, and remove the Cap and the filter should come with it.

Changing fuel filter on vauxhall vectra?

The fuel filter is located in the gas tank. Remove the fuel line. Next, remove the fuel filter retaining plate. Last, remove the fuel filter and replace with a new fuel filter.

How do you change the fuel filter on a 1994 Honda Civic DX?

Locate the fulel filter under the hood near the battery it should be mounted on the firewall. its round and had 2 lines coming into it. remove the lines carefully using a 12mm and 14 mm wrench then unbolt the filter fromthe firewall and remove the ring that actually hlds it. install new filter in the reverse order

Is it difficult to change a fuel filter for a 1995 cavalier?

Remove mounting bracket Remove hose clamps Remove filter and replace observe flow arrows on new filter

Where is the air filter on 2004 Honda shadow aero 750?

its on the right side of the engine inside the chrome tear drop, just remove the 5 hex head screws

How do you change fuel filter on 1997 GMC 1500?

Drain the fuel from the fuel tank. Remove the fuel line from the fuel filter. Remove the fuel filter plate. Remove the fuel filter retaining bolts. Reverse the process to install the new fuel filter.

What are the ways to remove the shadow of the desktop items?

right click the desktop go to display options then destop remove the shadow effect tab

What does a water filter treat?

A water filter will remove MOST contaminants. However it does not remove all contaminants from tap water. There is not a water filter out there that can remove every single contaminant from your tap water.

How do you remove oil filter on 2007 vw jetta?

The filter is in a filter housing. Remove the plug in the bottom of the housing. The filter housing is then loosened using a specific wrench for that housing type.

Is there a special tool for the Titan oil filter?

No, any filter wrench will remove the filter.

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1993 Ford Probe?

The fuel filter is actually in the engine compartment between the Air filter and the firewall and down. You will need a 10MM wrench to remove the fuel filter bracket assembly. It is easier to remove the fuel filter from it's bracket after the assembly is out of the car. You will need a pair of needle nose pliers for the factory crimping style hose clamps. The hose on the bottom coming from the pump will have to be accessed from under the car.

What can a filter remove?

Dirt, pollen, and any air born particles larger than the filter is designed to remove.

Can water filter remove Diesel fuel dye marker?

No, a water filter will not remove the dye from red diesel.