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The city of Brest-Litovsk is where the treaty ending hostilities in World War I between Russia and Germany was signed.

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Q: Site where treaty was signed between Russia and Germany in World War 1?
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What was the site where a treaty was signed between Germany and Russia?


Who signed the Brest-Litovsk Treaty?

russia and Germany signed ( it was a peace treaty between the two countries ) taking russia out of the war

What treaty was signed between Russia and Germany to ended Russia's participation in the war?

the treaty of brest-litovsk

Where was the treaty that ended the war between Germany and Russia signed?


Where did russia and Germany sign the peace treaty in 1918?

The peace treaty between Germany and Russia during World War I was signed in Brest, Russia (After the Soviet Union split, Brest is now in Belarus).

When and where was the treaty between France and Germany signed?

Treaty of paris

What was the name of the treaty signed by russia and Germany in world war 1?

The Treaty of Bresk-Litovsk

Who did Germany invade in spite of the peace treaty signed between the two nations just prior to the invasion of Poland?

Germany invaded Russia.

What treaty was signed between germany and russia?

The treaty of Brest-Litovsk was signed on the 3rd March 1918 at Brest in Belarus between the Russians led by Vladimir Ilyich Lenin and the Central Powers German army.

After Lenin assumed control of Russia he quickly signed a treaty with what nation?


What was the secret agreement between Russia and Germany?

Is it the Secret Treaty? If it is, it is a treaty that said that Russia would back Germany in a defensive battle and Russia would back Germany.

What is the name of the peace treaty that was signed between the allies and Germany?

The treaty of Versailles.

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