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Size of carry on luggage?

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Usually maximum 62 linear inches (height + length+ width)

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What is the carry on luggage size limits?

The answer is - It differs from airline to airline, and also across domestic and international airlines. You can refer to my article on Airline Carry on luggage size limits for more information :

What are the limitations on carry on luggage size?

The has a helpful size chart that lists size restrictions for all the top airlines. You should be able to use this to check if your carry on luggage meets the requirements.

What size luggage is the best when traveling on an airplane?

A good carry on size is for luggage is 3 feet long by 2 feet high.

What size for carry on luggage on Sun Country?

islamabad to sanfrancisco two bags one luggage is 25 and 2nd luggage is 15

What carries luggage?

A carry on luggage basically is a bag that can be carried and bears the size of a bag that can fit inside the luggage compartment of the airplane.

What is the maximum size for carry on luggage?

This depends, check with your airline.

What are airport rules for carry on luggage size?

You have to fit specific dimensions, or get it stored with oversized luggage compartment.

Check in luggage size and weight?

The check in luggage can only be 49 pounds or so and the carry on can be 25 pounds

What are the size limits for carry on luggage?

The size limit for carry on luggage varies depending on the airline. The best way to find out is to either go to the airline's website or check online at a comparision site such as LuggageSource.

Can you carry on a hair dryer in carry on luggage?

its carry on luggage isn't it?!

Can you put a skateboard in a luggage that is not a carry on luggage?

Yes you can put a skateboard in a luggage that is not a carry on.

Can you carry a curling iron in carry on luggage?

Yes, you can carry a curling iron in carry on luggage.

Can you carry pipe tobacco in carry on luggage?

Can you carry pipe tabacco in your carry on luggage on domestic flights

Can you carry on a backpack?

Yes, you can take a backpack on a plane as carry-on luggage as long as it still fits the size and weight restrictions for carry-on baggage.

Can you take a carry on luggage and a back pack on a plane?

well....backpacks are considered carry on luggage. you can bring a backpack and another piece of carry on luggage with you on the more than two carry-on luggage though.

Can you pack peanuts in hold luggage?

No. You can have them in check in luggage, but not in carry on luggage.

Can you carry a crossbow in your luggage?

Generally, weapons are not allowed in carry-on luggage but can be placed in checked luggage it they are unloaded and properly stored.

Can you carry a pocketknife in your carry on luggage?


Can you carry tweezers in carry on luggage?


What is the thing hotels have that carry luggage?

Luggage Cart

Can you carry a lighter in checked luggage?

No, you cannot take a cigarette lighter on an airplane at all. They are prohibited in checked luggage, in carry-on luggage, and on your person.

What are the checked and carry-on luggage size and weight restrictions?

it depends on what flight you catch or what company you fly with.

Can a sports bag be a carry on luggage?

It depends on the size. If it will fit in the overhead compartment them most likely yes

Can you carry a sweatshirt in your carry on luggage?


Can you carry jam in carry on luggage?

if it is not open

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