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If you find an oil leak in your car then you should get it checked by a macanic and then u should go bak home and cry cuz ur car is messed up! jordan gowdy was here jada was here 2:] my sister laught so hard once she pissed herself

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Can car run with broken head gasket?

Can, of course you can. Should you, no, not unless you want to totally destroy your engine. Stop driving this car immediately until you can have it repaired.

Can you drive a car with blown head gasket?

Can you and should you are totally different questions. Sure you can drive it if you want to destroy the engine. But you should not unless you wish to destroy the engine. Otherwise, STOP driving this car until you have it repaired.

How far can you drive a diesel van with a blown head gasket?

Not very. You should stop and get it repaired ASAP.

How much should it cast to replace a oil gasket on 2000 Chevy?

Not enough inforamtion provide to answer this question. What oil gasket, what 2000 Chevy, what engine, and what transmission?

Why does my radiator hoses pump up hard?

Every one allways says thermostat,water pump ect,lets get to what they dont want to tell you...most likely its head gasket ,or cracked head..but if no water in oil its head need to stop driving it before you do crack the head ...dont be fool by head gasket repair in a need to do it right,and your car will be reliable again its not ruined its just a gasket..and it should not be expensive ,but it verys in price on how much you have to spend taking the engine apart to get to it...just dont drive it untill repaired right it is salvageable....good luck and it can be repaired sorry it happens..dont get ripped off

Antifreeze coming out exhaust pipe?

This is either a leaking head gasket, cracked head or warped head.This is a major project and should only be repaired by a qualified mechanic.

We have been told that we have a slight oil leak on our head gasket we are not convinced we did have a leaking rocker cover do you think it could be connected to that?

Yes, it could be. Regardless where the leak is, it should be repaired.

Is blown head gasket MOT fail?

As I have no idea what you mean by "MOT fail" and I cannot answer except to say that a blown head asset is very serious and you should stop driving this vehicle immediately. It is a major repair but easily repaired with new gaskets unless you continued to drive the car and ruin the engine.

Should the driving age in New Jersey be lowered to 16?

No its good enough as it is

Why would you have a leak in your newly repaired Mercedes cylinder head gasket so soon?

Could be several reasons the head itself is cracked/warped, defective gasket, installation error, etc. Regardless whomever performed the repair should replace it n/c.

How hard is it to replace a head gasket on an Audi all road?

It is a major repaired that should only be attempted if you have the skill and knowledge to perform the repair. On a scale of 1-10 this is a 9 repair.

Can you still drive the car with a blown head gasket?

Of course you can, but the question is should you. The answer is, if you want to do some serious damage to the engine and eventually destroy it completely then keep driving it. Reason being is that the coolant will mix with the engine oil. This coolant is a poor lubricant and is very corrosive to engine bearings. it will cause severe engine wear. So stop driving this car immediately and do not drive it again until it is repaired.

Did you get a bad repair job if you had the head gasket repaired last week and now white smoke comes out of the car?

He may have missed a cracked head when he had it apart. Haave him recheck it since he should have had them checked.

Who should I call to get fire and water damage repaired?

We had a small fire in our basement. We need to now get this repaired. Who would I call to get the fire water damage repaired and what questions should I ask?

Do you trim new head gasket water jacket holes to fit your 95 Plymouth voyager 3.0?

No, you should never have to trim a head gasket. If the holes do not match up, you have the wrong gasket.No, you should never have to trim a head gasket. If the holes do not match up, you have the wrong gasket.

If you drive your vehicle with 2 of the 6 cylinders only having 50 combustion how long can you expect the engine to hold up?

not long If you are saying that you only have 50 psi compression on two of the cylinders, then you need to find out why those two cylinders are that low on compression. You may have burnt valves, broken rings, or a blown head gasket. A blown head gasket is very serious and should be repaired ASAP. Stop driving the car until you find out why the compression is low.

Should you be charged an oil change when you have a gasket replaced?

If you needed a gasket and they replaced it then yes you would be charged for the gasket.

Can you drive with blown head gasket?

Not very far. If it's only the head gasket your engine should still run but driving it is a very bad idea. with a blown head gasket the coolant channels wont be sealed and you'll lose it all. without coolant the engine would overheat in a matter of minutes.

How do you start a 2000 villager after it has been repaired?

If it's been repaired properly it should simply start.

What is the penalty for driving in NJ without a license the fourth time?

Not stiff enough. That should carry prison time.

Why should power supplies be replaced instead of repaired?

Because most of the time its cheaper to get a new one that to get it repaired.

How much bars leak head gasket and cooling sealant should you pour in a 1992 Lexus es300?

NONE!! These type products are emergency repairs and will not permanently fix a blown head gasket or cooling system leak. In fact they can cause problems later on. Do not use these type products at all. Have the problem repaired correctly with a permanent fix.

Should you need to replace the valve gasket when you replace the timing belt on a 2000 Hyundai Elantra?

you should only change the gasket if you have to take the valve cover off....... you should only change the gasket if you have to take the valve cover off.......

Your gun broke what should you do?

Take it to a gunsmith to be repaired.

When should a window with a crack be repaired?

soon, you can be ticketed for that

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