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Small red bump on side and top of tongue and feels swollen and burnt I recently had a tooth pulled?


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small red bump on the tongue is the intimation or symptoms of tongue ulcer.

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It is a small white bump on your tongue. it might start out as a red bump.

Yes its completely normal I recently got my tongue pierced && i have two small bruises on the tip of my tongue. It could either be the after affects of the clamps of when your tongue was pulled or it could be the swelling that's causing your tongue to rub against your teeth as it is in my case. Its normal, the bruising will heal, just use a lot of ice or pop sickles && it will decrease the swelling. I hope this helps (:

A most unpleasant sore throat, a spotted tongue (white coated with small spots of normal tongue-color showing), swollen glands, and there can be liver damage sometimes when not treated with antibiotics.

Sounds like a swollen lymph node, are you, or have you been sick recently? It is probably nothing to worry about unless it becomes very hard or painful.

The remains of a massive star pulled into a small volume by gravity?

The tongue is a muscle in the mouth that functions to assist in the sense of taste. Taste buds are small pink smooth spots that can be seen on the tongue.

That sentence is active voice. "Your apron was pulled by a small girl" is passive voice.

The appendage hanging down from the roof of the mouth at the rear of the tongue is called the uvula.

The taste buds are the bumps on your tongue

The Tongue is made up of sveral small Skeletal Muscles.

Fever, mouth-breathing, and dehydration can cause the tongue to have a yellow-coating in a small child. The yellow appearance comes from bacteria trapped on the tongue.

If you can see a swollen vertebrae in the small of your back through your skin then you probably have 1 of 2 conditions. You either have a herniated disk or a curved spine.

The small white bumps on your tongue are called papillae. These are what your taste buds are on.

A small clamp is put onto your tongue to get it in the right place, then, a needle is pushed through your tongue, followed by the bar.

may be a swollen lymph node.

Of course you can, the only difference from someone with a longer tongue is that the piercing would have to be a bit closer to the end of your tongue. Other then that it doesn't change anything.

This usually refers to a tongue piercing object - small, silver ball shaped.

Small white bumps on the tongue are usually called canker sores and they do hurt. They can be caused by something that you ate or drank or smoking. There are other possible causes for small white bumps on the tongue. See link below for further information.

I think they have small tongue as the fish.

it has a small dot on its tongue :-)

I just recently got it pierced and it looks normal and everything with it being swollen, and i do clean it twice everyday but i think the piercing is too small cause i pushed the piercing up to see what it looks like under the flatback and i see that it's starting to dig into my skin just a bit. Is this normal to see during the time it is swollen or should i go back to my piercer and change it?

Purple blisters on the tongue or inside of your mouth are called blood blisters. These can be caused by biting the inside of your mouth or tongue.

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