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A True Renaissance man Johannes Gutenberg was the first European to use movable-type printing, and he created the mechanical printing press. The mechanical printing press is one of the most important inventions every made. The way of mass production of books before Gutenberg's invention, was wood block copying. After Gutenberg invention was made and used, the production of books, development in science, arts, and religion took off. The movable printing press also allowed more everyday people to print their own ideas and spread them, without being too expensive. Movable print changed our world, in many ways like, advances in the arts, science, religion, and also the spread of personal beliefs. The Renaissance is all about the rebirth from the Dark Ages, and with Gutenberg's printing press new ideas and individual beliefs were allowed to spread like wild fire throughout Europe, and change Europe forever. People, like Martin Luther, could write about their beliefs and get them out, even though the church controlled most people's actions, people could revolt and rebel and be different.

ok well you are right, but He was a metal smith so he used metal not wood, but he possably used wood to, I just needed to add that to make sure that people know he used metal, everything else perfect.

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2010-12-17 15:22:11
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Q: Social impact of Johannes Gutenberg's printing press?
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