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Why is sodium chloride used to make freezing mixtures used by ice cream vendors?

Sodium Chloride when added to water helps reduce the freezing temperature of water, meaning that water will stay liquid at temperatures below it's actual freezing point of 0 degrees Celsius. Similarly, when sodium chloride is added to ice, the temperature of the mixture reduces rapidly and helps keep things cooler and ice creams are best when they're cold :) Hope this helps.

Who invented ice cream cones?

Waffle cones for desserts are mentioned from 1825. Vendors seem to have been using them for icecream since the late 1800s. in Europe and early 20th c. in USA

How do vendor prevents ice cream from melting?

This is because, ice cream vendors add a very little amount of salt in the icecream or store them in boxes called ice boxes. This prevents melting and it allows the ice cream to be stable for a long time. Thank you Bloom

What are business intelligence vendors?

Business intelligence vendors are vendors that offer many services. The services that business intelligence vendors might provide includes visual analysis and reporting.

Who painted candle vendors?

Arturo Luz painted Candle Vendors

What is vegetable-vendors?

A vegetable vender is someone who sells vegetables.

Is it correct grammar the Vendors does not have?

Proper grammatical form is: The vendors do not have X.

Who are ambulant vendors?

Ambulant vendors are walking vendors that sell items and goods on a small scale, or sell food, usually in an outdoor environment.

What is the collective noun for a group of vendors?

The collective noun is a haggle of vendors.

Who are all the pet vendors in wizard city?

the vendors you mean the sellers or the people who hatch eggs well for vendors there is 1 and for the sellers too much : )

What are software vendors?

Software are programs that are run on a computer, that work in conjunction with the computers operating system. Software vendors are vendors that sell products to work with your computer.

Major vendors for two types of computers?

There are many different vendors for the 2 most common types of computers. Dell and Apple are 2 majors vendors.

What are the disadvantages of multi vendor networking?

what are the drawback of multi vendors. what are the drawback of multi vendors.

What software vendors partner with Dell computers?

What software vendors partner with Dell computers?

When was National Bulk Vendors Association created?

National Bulk Vendors Association was created in 1950.

Who might be some of Walmart's vendors?

Walmart has many different vendors. Some of their vendors include Mr. Coffee, Gillette, Suave, Dove, Palmolive, Cover Girl, and Clairol.

Information about street vendors in the Philippines?

Street vendors are very common in the Philippines. In large open air markets, street vendors can be found selling everything from clothing to food.

What is a vendors lien?

A vendors lien is the right of a seller to retain the property till payment of the purchase price

What did vendors do in the old globe theatre?

As their name suggests, vendors sold things, primarily things to eat.

What are the hot dog and popcorn vendors called at a baseball game?

They are called Vendors or Barkers by some people.

What are the release dates for Inventors and Vendors - 2010?

Inventors and Vendors - 2010 was released on: USA: 2011

Where do you report unlicensed food vendors?

You can report the unlicensed food vendors at the Ministry of Public Health or at the local government.



What is the meaning of this II When he took produce to the vendors in town he was fulfilling the vendors price requests II?

It means "he did not charge price more or less than he was told by the vendors or else he was told how much margin could be.

Who are food vendors?

Food vendors are referred to people who sell food. Mostly people who sell food on the streets are called food vendors.

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