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Yes, for export all kinds of software (antivirus,firewall, windows etc etc).Shockingly it comes under SCOMET item list under Director General of Foreign Trade( party needs an IEC code,after that apply license on ANF 2E form.SCOMET license is one of the toughest to get.As SCOMET includes nuclear products,explosives,aerospace,rockets, all electronic item,computer etc.Still not impossible.

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Do you require export license for export of website developed in india?

No, we do not need any kind of export licence for export of website developed in India.

How can I get Export license from Delhi Is the export license give the permit to export anything to any country which are permitted by government of India or license is very specific?

yes it is important to obtain necessary license from authorities of export sector

Is a export license required to export ready-made garments from India to NewZealand?

Export license (IE code) is required to export ready made garments from India. You have to apply IE code in your nearest DGFT office. Then you should become a member in AEPC.

Is a license required to export ready-made garments from Gujarat India to Australia?

No license required

How do you obtain import and export licence in India?

If v apply v will get license...

How many states require two license plates?

In India 28 states require two license plates

Is a export license required to export ready made garments from India to Saudi arebia?

i have export licence i like to start export business any help me to start this business

Does export of Handicraft needs export license?

The Government Of India recently announced some incentives for the labour intensive export sectors including the handicraft sector...

How do you do export and import business from India?

You have to have a company in India which should have a reg. office. This will make you eligible for applying for IMPORT/EXPORT license. A current bank account is also required along with company details.

What does India export and where do they export it?

The main export of India is mango from Maharashtra & Gujraat

What does south Africa not export to India?

Africa does not export metal to India

What does India export from China?

India would import from China or China would export to India.

Is sugarcane a import or a export of India?

India is one of the largest producerf of sugarcane and export it

What does India export to South Africa?

There is a lot of trade between India and South Africa. The list of imports is endless, but Cars, Movies and Software Developers are prominent examples.

Can I export onions lemon and garlic to Maldives after getting export licence in India?

Yes, you can export onions, lemon, and garlic to Maldives only after getting export licence in India.

Does SMS marketing require any license or permission in India?

Dear sir madam now i am doing in realestat sight details provide to customer during SMS get license in India?

Can you export one products from India?

Yes you can export products from India I purchase stainless steel products from India and use them in Australia

How do you get an export license in India if you are planning to export from Bangalore?

For export licence you have to fill the application for IE code (Import export code) form which will be available in Directorate general of foreign trade (DGFT) office in Bangalore. You must have a current account. If you are a manufacturing export, you have to submit all proofs about your manufacturing unit. If you are a trader, you should register your company as Merchant exporter.

How can you start export business?

how can i start my export import business from India

LOBAN allowed to export from India?

How can we start Loban Export Business

What is India major exort?

A major export of India was tea.

Is a export licence required to export ready made garments from India to Australia?

no no

What is the import and export percentage of total economy in India.?

export percentage is:- 16%

How to start the new import and export business?

how to start export business from India

Is export of coconutshell charcoal is banned from India?

no, it is not banned. you can export coconutshell charcoal, but you cannot export wood charcoal.