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Somalia is officially known as the Federal Republic of Somalia. It was formally known as Somali Democratic Republic. It is located in the Horn of Africa.

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Somalia hasn't known reserves of uranium.

Somalia is known for it's corn,wheat,bananas,mangoes and sugar-cane.

In the late 1880s, Europeans participated in what is called the Scramble for Africa. Those who set their sights on Somalia and used trickery to eventually colonize Somalia were: Italy, Britain, and France. France colonized what is now known as the country of Djibouti, Britain colonized the north-western region of Somalia known as Somaliland, and the Italians colonized what is north-eastern Somalia and southern Somalia.

President Aden abdale Osman also known as aden cade was the first president of Somalia.

Somalia: Commonly known as the Horn of Africa.

It's on the East Coast of the African continent. Somalia forms part of the region known as the "Horn of Africa" See related links for maps

It was a United Nations-led mission in Somalia known as UNSOM II - United Nations Operation in Somalia II.

this doesn't sound very nice, but the first thing that comes to mind is poverty. then Africa. there was also a girl on antm from Somalia (i think, don't quote me on it).it is also known for its fruits sucha as bannanas and other ones.

the flag of Somalia is blue and have a star on the center. the blue color originated from the united nations and it represents the blue sky of Somalia. the white color of the star stands for African freedom. and the five sides of the stars represents the five regions of Somalia. they are: British Somali-land, Ogden or Ethiopia and the northern Kenya region, Italian Somali-land, French Somalia or which now is known as Djibouti. this is Somalia flag:

Somalia, also known as the horn of Africa, juts out into the Indian Ocean. The capital city of Somalia is called Mogadishu.

"Mogdisho" which also known as "Hamar" is the largest city and the capital of Somalia. Before the civil war that erupted in Somalia in 1991 which devestated the whole country especally the city of Mogdisho , one of the most bueatiful cities in Africa, the pearl of Indian Ocean once.

The Somaila pirates. know for their brutality and cruelty. they resort to warfare to survive the poverty in the country

Somalia is in the continent of Africa.


In North East of Somalia

The population of Somalia is about 10,800,000.

Somalia was in Commonwealth in 1953.

Google Wikipedia- Somalia for a detailed answer to this question

Northern Somalia was colonized in 1884 by the British and Southern Somalia was colonized in 1889 by the Italians.

the native people of Somalia are ajuuran, according to history, they are preprimary tribe of Somalia

No,Somalia is a country in the continent of Africa.

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