Some argue that wind power should be used more than it is now What argument could someone make against the use of wind power?

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It can only be used in windy parts of the country.

Where is wind power used?

in windy regions as an alternative source of energy, usually not the sole source but a contributor.. Fossil fuel plants must be built to supplement these systems as wind varies and thus provides limited overall power. Currently we use them as primary power for P.R. purposes. Fossil fuel plants run ( Full Answer )

Where's wind power used?

Wind power can be used in an enviorment where there are alot of wind power, for example Northern California and Oregon are have great wind resources. -There is a large 'wind farm' just west of Palm Springs along Interstate 10 in Southern California.

Which countries use wind power?

Country that uses the most wind power is Germany, then areas of Denmark also use alot of wind power. Next would be the U.S., and Spain follows right behind them. Other users include: . Australia . Brazil . Canada . China . Wales . Republic of Ireland . Scotland . England . India . Japan . ( Full Answer )

How does wind power help us?

Because wind can generate electricity while not polluting the Earth. This also helps us stop Global Warming.also it can power one hole town of 3 hundred house's

Why should you use wind power?

well we should use wind power because it doesnt create any air pollutants and is free of harmful green house gases.

What is keeping wind power from widespread use?

Several things. Not all places have the type of winds needed, property right of ways and ownership, money and investors, the belief by some there isn't a need, politics, and energy companies trying to stop progress.

Where is wind power being used?

cornwall. Fossil fuel plants must be placed nearby (running at full power) to ensure continuous power. Thus the system is hardly green, but great for P.R.

Can wind power be used for weapons?

Wind power can not be made into direct weapon, however the electrical energy that wind power gives off can be used to power a weapon. An electric powered gun or military laser might powered by a wind turbine, just it might be powered by some other energy source; nuclear, solar, gas, oil, coal or hyd ( Full Answer )

Where was wind power first used?

It was developed and used in the U.S. i believe. I suggest wind power was first used hundreds of years before the US was thought of! But this was for mechanical use, raising water and grinding corn. they are just guessing!

What Are The Uses Of Wind Power?

Wind power propels sail boats, and powers wind turbines. It is not as widely used as coal, natural gas or oil.

How do you use the wind power after it is stored?

Wind power on a large scale isn't stored, it's just too difficult to make much sense. Smaller installations can use a stack of batteries to store the energy in. To use it, just hook something electric up to the stack of batteries.

Does Australia use wind power?

Yes. As of 2012, there are 767 operational wind farms in Australia, and another 6785 proposed wind farms.

Why does the UK not use wind power?

It does use wind power. There are areas where you can see what we call Wind Farms - rows and rows of windmills. . But we don't get much energy from wind. Partly it's because we don't have many available areas with sufficient wind to make it economic. Partly it's because we haven't got round to doin ( Full Answer )

How can wind power is used?

Wind power generates electricity, just like coal, water and solar power generate electricity. Electricity is a key utility in modern life, nearly everywhere in the world.

What can wind power be use for?

Wind power has been used for three things: to operate windmills, to propel sailboats, and to fly kites.

Is wind erosion more powerful than water erosion?

not at all. water is by far more dense therefore liter per liter, its way heavier. erosion happpens when partices are rubbed off an object, changing its shape. because water is much heavier than air. frictional force due to the mass of water will do much more erosion to an object

How can you use wind power?

wind power is caused by the sun and heats the atmosphere, this causes normal winds.

Is wind power more efficient than water power?

it depends on whether the wind is blowing, wind is better when the wind is constantly blowing, but water is always going through the plant, so you will always have power

Why is water as an agent of erosion more powerful than wind?

Because wind slowly and constantly wears the object down, but it takes a long time. Water, however, not only does this in the rivers and streams, but falls in the form of rain, further wearing down the object. And if this wasn't enough, it freezes in the little crevaces and expands as Ice. When it ( Full Answer )

Where is wind power used in Canada?

The Canadian Wind power Association has a nice map which shows the locations where wind generators are operating in wind farms. The power is usually used nearby where it is generated.

Is tsukuyomi more powerful than wind rasengan?

Is a Ferrari stronger then a tank? Sure, Ferrari is faster, but a tank can fire. Same here. Tsukuyomi is a Genjutsu, an illusionary technique, while Fuuton: Rasengan is a Ninjutsu. Tsukuyomi causes mental damage by torturing the victim for several days, while Fuuton: Rasengan causes heavy physica ( Full Answer )

What are three reasons to use wind power now and in the future?

The first reason is they are non polluting, second the energy source to run them is free, third most wind powered devices, are very low maintenance. The only real hindereces are the wind is not constant, and to obtain a large power benefit the devices need a lot of uninhabited land.

Why people use wind power?

Wind power is reusable and unlimited. Wind power also has the potential to supply the planet with over 20% of its total energy usage.

How is wind power used to make elecricity?

Wind is caused by huge convection currents in the Earth's atmosphere, driven by heat energy from the Sun. The moving air has huge amounts of kinetic energy, and this can be transferred into electrical energy using wind turbines . Wind turbines cannot work if there is no wind, or if the wind speed ( Full Answer )

Why is it beneficial to use wind power?

Wind power do not cause serious environmental effects.Moreover,it consumes no fuel and it does not produce any air pollution.

In what ways is wind power useful?

Wind power is just that power--- so in all ways that power is useful wind power is useful ... to add to that comment... it is a cleaner way of creating power.

When do you start using the wind power?

The earliest use of wind power may have been to winnow grain.Partially crushed grain would be flung into a breeze which wouldblow away the husks. Centuries ago wind was harnessed in large sails to propel oceangoing vessels across the water. The Egyptians and Phoenicians wereamong the first to build ( Full Answer )

Can wind power be used for base load power?

No. Baseload power sources have to be as reliable as possible. Wind has a capacity factor (actually electric production/nameplate potential) less than 1/3rd of nuclear/fossil thermal sources.

Do windmills only use wind for power?

the wwind turns the blades(they automatcily shut down if the wind is over 50mph i think) and that turns a generator that's inside the tower, and the truining provides electricity and they send that off via power lines

Why people don't use wind power?

People do use wind power, but it's only available when it's windy, they take up a lot of place, and they cost a fair amount to build. Some people find them ugly, they can be hazardous for birds and interfere with flight paths for commercial and military aircraft. All these things together do limit t ( Full Answer )

How are wind power use in homes?

its easy wind creats energy and then its in ur house sorry the is a small wind turbine in ur garden and it spins round because of the wind. after that energy is created from the spinning then it goes in your house. lol hope i help use all love yas

What is a conflict when using wind power?

The cost to build and maintain machines to harvest the windcompared to how much energy they obtain and the long term benefits.There are also NIMBY concerns--Not In My Back Yard. A fewenvironmentalists worry about the effects of wind power on owls andother fowl, though coal and oil power enthusiasts ( Full Answer )

What are disadvantages to using wind power?

Windmills have been known to kill birds and bats. Depending onciting, windmills may obstruct views of mountains or other scenicwonders. Electricity generated by wind mills is dependent upon asteady supply of wind. Sometimes the winds do not blow, and once inawhile they blow too hard. Tornadoes and h ( Full Answer )